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Hello everyone! I am BittyKitty and I am an Australian artist and crafter. I do both traditional art, with pens, pencils, markers and watercolours, and digital art.
I am also a beginner polymer clay and resin charm/cabochon crafter, and I am starting to get the hang of doing Sweet Deco. I love drawing and painting galaxy style artwork with watercolours and pencils, though I haven't managed to get the effect in markers.
Since I am sort of relearning and practicing my styles and juggling RL stuff, I am leaving my commissions and a sometimes thing, but if you want some of my artwork, try my Redbubble store, linked below. If you request a trade, I will check to see if you have done your half of previous trades with people. I have done trades in the past, and not gotten the artwork from the other person, so there are trust issues.
I most frequently post my artwork on Instagram, it's the easiest platform for me now.
I'm not into RP, so please don't be offended if I turn down a request.

Thank you to everyone who favourites my artwork! I want you to know that, even if I don't thank you on your page, I do appreciate it!

Find me here:

Instagram: @bittykittycreates
Facebook: BittyKitty Creates (@BittyKittyNeko)
Redbubble Store
Buy me a ko-fi

Latest Journal

Hello Everyone

on 10 November 2019 at 09:14:06 MST

So after about a million years, I have rediscovered my Weasyl page, and thought I'd post some of the art and crafts I've done over the last few years, since I last posted anything. A lot has happened, and I have taught myself some new art and crafting styles and techniques! Yay for learning!

If you really like my work, the best place to see up to date pieces is my Instagram, linked in my bio, as that's where I update most fequently.

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ACEO cards

Full colour basic poses
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Convention Badges

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