Christmas Lolly Jar by BittyKitty

Christmas Lolly Jar


10 November 2019 at 18:49:33 MST

Christmas 2017, after getting back into resin and deco crafts

A Christmas gift for my mother in law! I decided to do a deco jar, and it was supposed to have shortbread biscuits for her partner, but son wanted it to have candy in it.

The large candy cane and holly I made myself using polymer clay and UV resin to glaze them. The gingerbread man, present and heart were made with epoxy resin, India ink, glitter, white pearl pigment powder and sprinkles. The other cabs were buttons I bought at a craft store. I had to add an owl, since she loves them and we give her an owl of some sort for Christmas every year. There's also rhinestones, plastic sprinkles and gold micro marbles.

The whip is 100% silicone I bought at work, though now I buy it in bulk from my local hardware store instead. There's no additional glitter in the whip since I piped strait from the tube. I no longer do this, I use a piping bag.

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