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GLADLY ACCEPTS FAN/GIFT ART (just be curtious and ask for my consent ok? :3)

Thank you all for the +Fav & +Watch, I can't thank you all so this is the best I can do....for now ;3


Name : Baron Von Jackal aka The Baron or even his older name Anubis

Age : 25 (Immortal)

Gender : Male

Species : Black Anubian Jackal god

Orientation : Pansexual

Weapon : Anything he can get his hands on, including you

Food : Souls, fish, poultry, meat....mmmmm MEAT

Drink : Depends, mostly a few energy drinks here and there, mostly Pepsi One, and for those special occasions...well you will just have to find out ;P


Job : Owner of The Forbidden Oasis club (For IC purposes until a Second Life version can be created) & POSSIBLY Black Market Tech Entrepreneur (dealer & creator) - cannot be confirmed nor denied at this time

Height : around 10.2 ft to the top of his head; 12 ft to tip of his ears

Weight : 440 pounds

Interesting Quirk : His tongue, claws, and 3 private locations on his body are golden in color (not made of gold, but has an odd color and very dull shine as if it was)

Personality : Sly and devious. Loves to have fun at almost any cost. Complete top/dom and great at it. Refined for the most part with a serious nature when in public, but get him alone and all hell will break in a good way. When the time is needed he can be kind and a gentle giant for sure, but can also turn and rip your head off at any given notice if you hurt someone he cares for. Protective and seen as a father figure for many, he also is around to give advice and do all he can to help, no matter who you are. He can have some clashing with other Doms, but if the mood is right, he doesn't mind helping out in other ways that doesn't involve his backside. Best thing to do is get to know him, he will open up definitely, just don't let him open up too much ;3 (if you want to know the darker side and to get a more personal glimpse at his physique & special traits)

ALSO FYI Baron is NOT hyper in any part of his size in my opinion despite his overall size and stature; though to others he is. At this point it is now just up to you, the viewer, to decide if he is or not. If he IS too large for ya then we can scale him back a bit if you'd like and if he ISN'T too big for ya? Well thats just perfect too! :3

Also my old account that is now my alt: sephanubisiii


unitedmusclefurs | bulge | massfurs | pansexualfurry | jackalconnection


Brother archiphagoon | Sister cale~ | Mate julysporkyfox | Daughter anmutarke & kai's Olympia

Pets & Slaves

~Not taking any at this time~

Commissioned Artists (aka Favorite Artists)

kartos | viraldivinity | koraksinatra | gideon | maxblackrabbit | kv1nn4 | fossil | thebigmansini | silverlonewolf | todex | nazuu-m0nster


To all that would like to use or "be used" by any character in my gallery. All characters are Copyrighted to me with Credit also given to the artist who drew these said lovely images. Please take note that while I am flattered you want to use something in my gallery, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let me know and get my approval before using them in your own fashion; especially for the ladies in my gallery! This only means ASKING to use them; this applies to any "gift artwork" as well so long as you abide to the standards of their personality and/or kinks.





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    Hi ! Thank you so much for watching me & my work. I sincerely appreciate your support & hope to continue receiving your support in the future. Until next time, well wishes to your & loved ones. Good day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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    Thanks for the watch! :3

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