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ok o3o

on 26 June 2019 at 06:45:58 MDT

ok sooo remember that journal i posted not to long ago "whats your fav legendary pokemon?" well... i needed a little data to see what to draw for the up coming aniversary lol XD

so i check the journals the one i haven't replied too and the winners are....drum rolls

Lugia and Reshiram O3O!!!!!!

lol no joke i literally check and count the number on DA FA and discord, did the same for weasly but no reply

ok here is for the fav votes base on the details:

lugia and reshiram is 9 votes

zekrom 5 votes

mewtwo 4 votes

latias 3 votes

kyogre 2 votes

so if you have anything to say that i have mistaken the value and need a recount please let me know before the 28th June
because i not sure how it will finish cuz life tend to show up random situations or unplan events, and have work and sometimes procrastinate and so on -3- yeah...

but anyways take your time and will wait X3

ok so i like to thank :iconTaluca: for clearing up and i redid the voting so here are the votes:

Lugia 10

Reshiram 9

Latias 8

mewtwo and zekrom 5

lunala 4

kyogre, rayquaza, arceus, kyurem, latios and yveltal 2

so the top three is Lugia Reshiram and Latias (which i wasn't expecting lol o3o)

anyways thanks and also this one is a surprise vote which i did last time for the surprsie christmas gift and such so please don't feel bad about this one or go raging which i might have a gut feeling about but anyways thanks all and enjoy when the pic comes

(i hope o3o"....)

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