Hi everyone! My name is; Silvery Foxpaw or you can call me by; Silvery.

Its nice to meet all of you and glad you are taking the time to read my boring profile.

Hrm.. about myself, you ask? What? me greeting you wasn't enough for you so I have to actually talk about myself? You guys are so demanding! :P

I am a very caring person to a fault that I tend to get hurt by people I care for. I like being nice and kind to people unless you decide to upset me and draw on my wrath. I am a very easy person to be friends with and it usually doesn't take much for me to be a really good friend to you.

I'm shy at times so you just need to talk to me and get me going then you will really enjoy my company. I'm sometimes overly affectionate so please don't mistake it as me trying to sleep with you or trying to start something with you.

I like to cuddle and hang out with people and as I stated earlier; I'm overly affectionate and tend to hug, nuzzle, cuddle, snuggle, kiss, lick, and hold hug. I find I am more akin to foxes than any other animal. And like most foxes, we are pretty flirty, sexual, naughty, and can be pretty evil so if I seem to act like this then don't be too upset with me. I can be a really horrible tease at times. ^^;

My appearance is a black and dark blue fur color with long hair tied back in a ponytail that reaches to my shoulders with black and dark blue tips and he has a feminine figure and a lovely silver blue eye color. My foxy self tend to switch between either full male or a cunt boy. I'm a switch but mostly a bottom sub but I do tend to top and dom on the occasion but still mostly bottom sub. I am mated so if you thought you could get something more from me then you will sorely be mistaken as I am loyally mated to the most wonderful and sexy cougar that I love and care for.

<3 Sorry there isn't much here and I will probably update this more when I get more ideas.




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