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Vitalitas by Balaa



Some paths cross in life and part ways, others become entangled with your own or leave their mark in indelible ways. It's always unexpected and something that would leave you with a void if suddenly removed. My path recently crossed with such a spirit, whose a word..vitality has been a fount of inspiration for me. You can't put this into words and maybe it needn't be but I am just grateful for the chance to know this person and to watch them bloom.

Thank you :linkMaquenda:.

I painted this without expectation of it ever going anywhere. I think more than anything I just wanted to paint something without knowing what would come of it. The bonus was that something did turn out and I had a great time seeing it through. Sometimes spontaneity reminds you why you love creating and sometimes you need to be reminded.

A random thought to add. When we look at birds and their not so infrequent abuse(;D) of the color spectrum, we regard it as natural..because it is. Mammals are not wildly colored and hence I think when we see fantasy depictions of mammalian animals garbed in vibrant pigments, we often can't bridge the gap of disbelief(and frequently to great effect). But, I guess that's why when I sought out to paint her, I pictured her feathered instead of furred -though this is a recurring vein in my work.


**Size: **6000x4100 at 300ppi

**tools: **Photoshop and Wacom Intuos 2

Prints: Sure thing!

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    <3 So glad you post it here as well!

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    So beautiful hun <3

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    Amazing work, really solid, yet so peaceful.

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    <3 *heart skips a beat again*

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    This is just amazing! o_O

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    Incredible work!

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    This is just astonishingly beautiful.