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From the Stars by Balaa

From the Stars


"From the stars and into them, from breath to death one star unto another becomes. Fall up merry hearts, with eyes astride upon the stars. With flame awake and burn until your ash is wild upon the winds. And then into starlight to become, from the stars and into them, from death to breath anew."

Something old that found me in a curious place, tucked away in a long abandoned folder, I came across it one day when I needed my old muse to find my new. Sometimes it is good to retrace ones steps in such a way and then to stand where you once stood but different from the way you were then. And so the old places may benefit from your new gaze. (Sometimes they don’t…but maybe you expect less then and so they may).
In anycase, I am glad this found me and I found him.

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    Oh my this is totally beautiful . amazing and so detailed :D

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    I really love how textured and detailed the background is as well as the shine of the eyes - they really seem alight! Also the fur detail is delicious. A beautiful peace all in all, true mastery of the art!

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    I've said it before and I will say it again, you are truly amazing and gifted. This piece just screams out at me in so many ways. I really hope you make a full print of it cause i would love to frame it and put it on a wall.

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    I'm glad you found it! This is gorgeous.

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    *Faves everywhere* x) Absolutely wonderful piece, wonderful detail. :D

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    Galactifox is Awesome.... awesome....

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    WOW, that's really good.

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    Damn, this is fantastic.

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    Really beautiful work!

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    This pic is simply amazing and totally awesome

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    One of my favorite pieces done by you. It's simply magical!