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I'm single, and really do not like this state.
So, when you are a ladyfur and are curious about or maybe even live in Germany, poke me!
I live in my families home ( 'Hotel Mama' as we jokingly call it ) in a rural area, with good traffic connection to two large university towns ( Bremen and Hamburg ).
So when you ever thought about studying in northern germany, the house I live in can accomodate a permanent guest.
We had exchange students from abroad for many years in our home, so we're quite experienced
We have a wonderful guestroom here, strong internet and pretty most other amenities.
Including a strong computer for your use.

Contact me and I'll provide further details.

No worry, I am realistic: I expect that those that poke me do so mostly out of mostly unfounded curiosity.
This means, too, that I do not look primarily for a romantic or love interest.
Whilst that would be surely wonderful, I am realistic here, too:
One has to learn about each other and find out if one is suitable for each other.
As part of a term abroad, sponsored by a nut like me and chaperoned over by a family, that might be a good start.
I hope.

So, if there's a ladyfur out there that is curious, well:
I don't bite.
As a human I lack the proper jaws and fangs for that.

I was launched in 1977, and am not a bit wise despite my age. Or maybe I am still too young to claim any wisdom.
Be it as it may:
I'm cheerful, and kind in general, though certain outbursts of sarcasm can happen , especially as a response to a few select topics.
If it happens, tell me to stop. I am aware that some societies work on different patterns, partly to reduce social tensions, partly out of politeness.
Accordingly. some people may have serious issues saying the truth to my face, or speak their mind or expressing a wish of theirs straight out to me, but really:
It helps - for else I won't notice anything usually, I am that daft.

What I cannot handle is.. Call it utter randomness.
When in a discussion suddenly totally unrelated issues arise I'll do my best to handle them.
But switching between widely distant topics takes a moment for me and makes me irritable at times.
So please avoid jumping hodgepodge around and expecting me keep my calm or proper track of things.

My job-wise interests are in the fields of wearable and mobile computing, heavy on hardware design and human-machine interface design.

Private interests are many - some you see in the form of my submissions here - such as woodworking, electronics and such.
Others include reading , mostly science fiction and fantasy.
I can however heartily recommend ( ) the Flashman chronicles.
Not only are they good depictions of their time and day, these books are simply a lot of fun to read.
I enjoyed boardgames such as Battle Tech very much, but haven't had anyone to play with since more than ten years.
Likewise I do enjoy pen&paper style roleplaying, however, again likewise, I haven't played in years.
Mostly because I get headaches when 6 or 7 people talk all at the same time for longer periods of time.


My local time and, mostly, also the weather, you can see here:
Or, more eye-friendly:


Available and open. I love cooperations / collaborations.

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Music I love: - Deleted :( - even better:

Motivation, obligation, duty - Failure is not an option:

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WtV: Name a Continent! Up to the 20th of May

on 26 April 2017 at 14:28:25 MDT

Hello everybody!
I do have a set of continents on the World of Midgard which need to be named.
Each continent needs, in a way, two names. One human one, and one of the "native" population.

First, let's introduce you to the contestants:

a) 'Afrasia', the continent where the Amazones and Fennekims live. By size a bit smaller than Asia, its main center regions are a high percentage dry steppes or deserts. There are three major mountain ranges, one running into the coastal regions. The coastal regions are great plains and dense jungles. A few jungles and forests exist in pockets in the deserts and some perch agaisnt spots alongside the mountainranges.
These areas are a lot lower than the main continental area - 20.000 years ago it was the coastal waters near the shoreline, for the most part.

b) 'Ameriopa', the continent on which the Humans landed and where the 4th Reich is growing. The continent is, like the Americas, running from the northpole down to the deep south. Toward the east coast, large mountain ranges shield the contintent. At their feet, large plains cover what was once the coastal shallow waters.
The Reich settled on the western side of the continent. in a huge densely wooden area. This was a former shallow seabed - like a flat version of the gulf of Mexico, but on the other side. This mighty area is surrounded by high plateaus - the former actual landmass - which stretch into large area of forests, plains, rolling hills, steppes, hot and cold deserts. Toward the south the continents area becomes more and more rugged, with old volcanoes and several still visible meteorite craters pitting the landscape. Between wide stretches of deserts, a lot of large valleys rich with jungles and, further south, forests and later taiga hide. Toward the north of the equatorial lowland forests a hot desertcovers the plateau, crisscrossed with wide pathes of jungle along wide rivers. As it gets cooler, the jungles and deserts give way to steppes and forests, then come plains and more forests. Reaching to cold northern areas, taiga and tundra and large swamps and marshes compete with cold deserts. Approaching the polar circle, permafrost tundra runs for hundreds of miles until the polar mountainrange, the "Guardian Ranges" or "The Goddess Abode" - depending if you're ancient Terran or white Tiger - reach for the skies.
There are a few active volcanoes. North of the mountainrange there is only a few hundred miles of badlands where the magnetic northpole is. The ice there is up to one kilometer thick. South of the vast massif there is on average a snow and icecrust of a few dozen meters, seldomly up to a hundred meter. But large areas of the south facing areas of the mountainranges become ice-free in the summer, so that sparse vegetation can exist there, supporting a limited amount of snowrabbits and mountainsheep.

c) 'Austrarktika', the southpolar continent where the failed colony of the snowleopards is located. About as large as Australia and Antarktika combined, there are large areas of Taiga and Tundra type plains at the coastal regions. Several mounainranges run from the coastal regions toward the continents inside. The center of the continent is buried under 4 to 10 kilometers of ice. During the cool summers, many of the coastal regions experience an explosion of both Flora and Fauna. Unfortunately for those weak of heart, parts of the plains turn into festering swamps upon thawing.

a) Needs only one name: The name in the common tongue of Amazones and Fennekim. It will be, too, the name the tigers and the tribes use for it. The name can either be derived from the once-mighty and advanced society of the ancient tigers, or can be a new creation of the amazones. And the fennekim would have adopted it, not having ever thought about anything as big as a continent.

b) Needs a human and an ancient white tigers name. The human name would be something coughs and sticks on a square upper-lip-mustachio that the NSDAP would be proud of. mimicks Hitler A kood, strronk Tshoerman name! takes off mustachio
The ancient white tigers name should imply somehow the mother, the motherland... So maybe something like a dreamy idealization of a feminine concept would be suitable.

c) This continents primarily needs a name used by the snowleopard colonists. Think of buddhists monks, tibetan temples. Add in tribal people living in the nature, feelign one with nature, and being assured of their own physical prowess.
The only spice is , maybe, that that continent which seemed like an amiable spot to settle banged them over the head with an ancient combat virus and made them destroy most of their technology in a frenzy until they managed to control the situation again.
So maybe somethign which could carry some bitter irony would be as suited as a name for a place one is proud to have reached.
For the humans it's most likely "The south Pole" or "Nova Antarktika". But again, a "A kood, strronk Tshoerman name" would be welcome, too.

Sadly there is no prize. All I can offer is that those names that I blink at and fall in love with will be seriously considered and maybe used in the stories.

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