The Last of His Kind

Hello, stranger. You've either stumbled upon or have accurately found the domain of Arctacia, an alter ego I have gone by since 1998. Though, to call it an alter ego betrays the true connection I have towards this character. If anything, Arctacia has been an extension of me. Some little tidbits about the person behind the character: I'm a big PC gamer and board gamer. I host board gaming for local furs and folks a few times a week and have a rather extensive collection of games that I and others have obtained over time. I also enjoy writing, most of which centers around my ongoing mythos that encompasses Arctacia and a myriad of other characters, places, and concepts. Some of these works can be found right here in my FA gallery. You will also find various art of Arctacia and other things in the scraps section. I'm also into voice acting, though I have never done anything professional.

I have a pet, Shiro Okami and he's been with me since March of 2011. I love him to death and he's been a very important part of my life, more than I could ever realize. I also keep a small circle of friends and prefer it not to get too large. I tend to be quite the busy and distracted individual, so it's hard enough for me to always keep in touch with others, sadly.

I tend to go to MFF and FurSquared for cons each year. Otherwise, my involvement in the fandom is not too heavy, but I do enjoy it where I can. People who have seen me at these events have quickly identified me as the "Lion Bar Guy" as I do hand out Lion candy bars randomly to people. Sometimes when they least expect it!

I'm pretty easy going for the most part and like to meet new people. I enjoy being a good listener and being there emotionally for people. I also tend to be silly at times and have my own crazy humor and way that I carry myself. Sometimes I do things to throw others off, and that amuses me even more. Always out of love, though! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay, whether stranger or friend. You can find more information about Arctacia himself and a bit more below.


Greetings, my name is Arctacia Zol and I am a Tythra Lion, or just Tythran for short. I am an artificially created species of lion that was fused together with the essence of a celestial and a demon in hopes to create an avatar of balance. My body is created, shaped, and maintained by an inter-networking series of small metallic-looking cubes called Omni Cubes, part of the C.O.R.E. (Central Operation Reactor Element) network. The Omni Cubes also make up the AI core that creates my consciousness and represents who I am. In short, I am a cyborg comprised of a sophisticated AI core running on an organic platform, or body.

My creators are known as the Arctacians, from which my name was derived. The Arctacians are one of the oldest races in the known realms. They realized that other races were beginning to evolve to a point where they would become space-born and start expanding beyond their home planet. To help uplift these new races, the Arctacians created the Tythran to guide curious and expanding races down ideal paths. Unfortunately, someone within the science division did not like the idea of this Tythran project. They secretly and carefully injected viral code into the prototype that would corrupt the original design just enough, but also to not even be noticed, until it was too late.

As such, on the day the Tythran were activated, disaster struck. The leonine creatures were out of control, causing destruction and havoc; they were beings of sheer chaos. A specialist force was brought in to capture and contain the Tythran, but their increasing power made it a risk to keep them held for long. As result, the Tythran were exhiled to a frozen planet away from all life. The planet itself was rather limited in fertile land and would likely be the death of them.

Years later, the Arctacians sent a group of trained assassins armed with debilitating technology and skills to check on the status of their abominations. Sure enough, the Tythran had grown advanced, even in their savage state, and were surviving quite effectively. The entire group was dispatched and killed quickly by the assassins. Only one Tythran remained. This one had managed to advance and ascend in his programming enough that he actually fled the planet. The Tythran was hunted down nearby in space. However, this one's design had become so powerful and resilient that the creature had to be disabled, if only for a brief while. But, it was long enough that the decision was made to try to implant false memories into the creature in hopes it would override any corrupt thoughts. Sure enough, the creature awoke in a daze, but no longer with a rage in its eyes.

When the Tythran was brought back to the home world to be examined, the Arctacians realized it was actually the prototype. That protoype was called Arctacia and this is just the beginning of my story.


Under my Submissions you will find:

Arctacia Mythos folder which contains the Arctacia Mythos Project. The works that go here are "shards" about my character and his entire role played universe that surrounds him. The order in which items are listed here are in reverse chronological order. They all have a number in front of their names in brackets e.g. [1], [2], [3], etc. to help indicate the order in which they should be read. So, just start at "1" and work your way forward.

Commissions has Artwork for any commissions I received and Fursuit for some images of my fur suit.



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On Quiet Ground

on 11 May 2017 at 21:58:34 MDT

Been awhile since I've written anything and I feel this is stuff I need to get out there and maybe vent about a little.

First, there's a chance some may have noticed, but I haven't written anything in well over a year now. It's sort of an odd shift in life I guess, but also realizing what I had sought to do just hasn't quite come together as I had hoped. Perhaps some day I'll just finish what I can of my lore or maybe go a different direction and just focus on the more matter of fact and bypass the whole storytelling element I was doing. It's just a hobby, but at the same time, it's not good enough to garner any real attention and that's expected given I've never exactly taken writing that seriously. Still, we'll see if I ever get back to this, but right now, it's just not a priority to me, sadly. Especially because it is something I've been trying to share with others for a long time.

Second, a lot of my attention have shifted to the more real life interactions. Ever since getting on Telegram over a year ago and joining local groups, even ultimately creating a couple myself, I have met a good number of people and it's been a joy to interact with them when I can. My board gaming group has been going strong and has seen some occasional new members drop in and even some old veterans sadly leave. But, it's made me realize how important these board gaming sessions have become and coincides with the shift I mentioned earlier. It's been so much easier to get people together and board game than it is for me to get people together to play something online. Which is a little odd for me to say because I can remember a time when that was flipped around.

I miss the old days when I used to PC game with others quite regularly. But, I think a mixture of finding more concrete interactions in board gaming, plus falling a bit more to the niche in PC gaming, has left me feeling more isolated in that regard. I simply don't play a lot of the multiplayer games people tend to now and as such, I'm usually playing alone 90% of the time. And sure, I can enjoy a good solo game, but it's getting tiring and I don't want to do that almost all the time. It's getting to a point I'm not too sure what to do about it other than maybe try to find people that are more in line with my interests, but that's been difficult. So, because of this, my board gaming has dominated in regards to those interactions I seek.

Lastly...I want to take this moment to apologize to those I have called a friend but never showed that lately or reach out in awhile. Much of that has to do with what I had just mentioned, but I do find it hard to keep up with others online. I just want you to know that it's nothing ill and I always do like it when I do manage to talk with someone I haven't in awhile. It's been rough for me at times.

To sort of supplement this a bit more, I realize I've been without a mate for...I guess probably around 5 years now. I still have my pet Shiro that's been going on for over 6 years, and that's been good. I guess my situation has its good points and bad ones. On the one hand, I have a sense of flexibility and openness in my interactions with others. But, on the flip side, it can get a bit lonely at times. I did talk about this over a year ago and things have gotten better in that regard due to the occasional visit of some more local companions. So, I guess I can't really complain.

But, there it is, I'm still a lone ship adrift in this vast expanse, looking for a star, or two, or whatever among many. Though, I still appreciate seeing the ones I have a chance to have when the time is right.

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