Remember Me by Arctacia

Remember Me


22 December 2015 at 20:12:53 MST

2 years and 3 months ago the Neexi (NEE-SHE) Realm was founded by myself and Shiro to act as a home and sanctuary for us and friends on Second Life. There were some bumps along the way, but overall, I have been happy to have brought together a community of people who have created many memories here over time. Recently, and with hesitation, I've had to let that place go. As such, our home and home to many others, was lost to time itself.

However, life moves on and we find new paths to follow. Recently Shiro has found some plot space for us to reside in to call a new home and hang out spot. It's far smaller and could never truly replace what the Neexi Realm was, but it will certainly do. Anyone here is welcome and I hope we can reach out to some old members who may continue to be here, but obviously we can no longer offer actual space for residence.

Over time, the old sim started to become vacant and bereft of life. It eventually turned to a place of desolation. There was nothing left but the tapestry of ice and snow on which past memories and experiences were once built. Normally the night sky was perpetual here. But during these last moments, the sun was setting on this land, signifying a final farewell and end times. The water which once flowed had now been frozen over. Time came to a peaceful still here. I couldn't help but visit here every so often, just reflecting and thinking back on those precious times.

But, nothing ever seems to last and I knew it was time to go. With that, I stood up to view the vista and take in the final moment. I could hear nothing at first, but then there were the echoes of past times that flooded my mind. A brief point to remind me that such things will carry on with me beyond this place. I smiled. The scene then grew completely dark, leaving nothing but a void.

In some distant time, some distant place, the Neexi Realm will return...

Thanks to all of you who made this place possible.

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