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I'm a largely traditional artist. That doesn't mean I don't do digital art. It tends to pop up on occasion.

I'm horrendous at talking about myself.
I draw stuff, mostly fanart and cats. I really like cats...and ferrets..and bears. For the sake of simplicity though I really like cats.

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Still Talking to Myself

A part of me wants to just wipe everything and start anew. Honestly if I weren't so attached to the damn name I'd probably make a new account. However, I am terribly attached to Akorr, it's named after one of my oldest characters, so here I stay.

I think I need a fresh start, maybe that's why things have felt so tedious?
Although it's hella liberating for me to not feel the need to post things. Feels like a lot of pressure is off me. It's funny cause I never realized that I felt the need to post things let alone that it was making me feel bad.

Anywho still working through this stuff and when I feel like posting again you guys are gonna get bombarded.

I'm thinking of working with inks again as well. Not in the stuff I plan to color but just having inked pieces with all that fun hatching and cross hatching stuff.

Also, though it won't get posted right away is there anything you want to see more of? Anything you'd like to see me work on (technical stuff, motion, color, form ect.)?

Also thank you guys for sticking with me despite the inactivity. I really appreciate the support C:

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