Seeking Critique by Akorr

Seeking Critique


11 April 2015 at 23:27:29 MDT

I drew this fella a few weeks ago hoping to paint him, but something looked off. I couldn't place it.
So I stepped away hoping looking at it later would help. Nope, still lost.
So I'm hoping to get feedback.

What looks off?
Tips on making it look more interesting?
I just wanted to paint a mopey kitty boy D:.

For the record it's Wilykat circa 2011.
Apparently the hair is actually supposed to be ears on the kittens? So I treated it like ears.

Unpopular opinion I like the 2011 incarnation of Thundercats so so much more than its 80's counterpart. I actually despised the 80's incarnation as a kid, like would bitch and moan when my siblings watched it.

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    The nose looks like it isn't on quite right- the angle is off. Also his left eye is bugging out a little.
    I liked the new version, too. It had a more compelling and cohesive story. And the characters were more three dimensional, with their own stories and motivations. Wish they'd pick it back up.

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      Alright I'll dig up some references so I can see where I went wrong with the nose and go tinker with the eye.
      That could very well be my issue, thank you so much for the feedback! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

      My fiance doesn't like it but his complaints are mostly "they changed it". Such as Snarf being a nanny/pet and the kittens actually being younger than Lion-O. I'm with you wholeheartedly though. I mean I wish the motivations were a bit more developed and such but I still found it a lot less bland than the original. I'd definitely like to see a return too.

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        Oh god. Snarf! Not having him talk was a HUGE improvement! Snarf snarf.