I never know how to write these kinds of things and they always sound awkward and strange to me. But anyhow...

I go by the internet handle Rottikins and I'm a female currently senttling into Kentucky after a recent and massive move. I have spent my entire life living in New Jersey, but Kentucky is definitely preferrable. Because of the recent move though there's a lot of things I'm getting used to and it's still pretty weird to be here even months later. Currently not going to school but seriously considering returning to school this upcoming fall to pursue I-don't-know-what-yet as a degree.

I live on a farm with more four legged furry friends than you can shake a stick at. Horses are definitely one of my passions. I own and care for a 9 year old black and white mare called Satin who is a rescue horse that I trained myself. She's super cute and I love her to pieces. I spend much of my time accompanied by many cats as well though and will gladly tell you all about them.

My hobbies include writing, art, horse back riding (of course) and complaining about things loudly on the Internet. Graphic arts and general web design is also an interest of mine, though I'm not terribly good at it. I love to write stories, roleplay, and make up original characters. Monsters are a serious love of mine and werewolves in particular hold a special place in my heart. History is something I absolutely love to lear about and things that take place in historical time periods are some of my favorites. Green is my favorite color.

I'm a lesbian (technically, homoromantic asexual but lesbian is easier) and recently coming to terms with this. I tend to be shy, panicky, and overall anxious but I do my best to cope and transcend this. I love to talk to people despite my self inflicted introversion so if you ever feel so inclined don't be afraid to start up a conversation.



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Art Bomb

on 25 February 2016 at 13:51:44 MST

Uploading art from the last two years that didn't manage to get here. Hold onto your pants.

I just plan on being more active here in the future.

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    Hi Rotti, thanks much for following my page! :D I see you're currently a student, how is school going for you?

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      It's going I suppose?

      And you're welcome!

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    Thank you very much for the +Follow!! :D

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    Thank you for following. Might I ask how you came upon my page?

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      I don't remember exactly, probably just saw some art when I was on the front page or something. And no problem!

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    Thank you for the Watch! Neat art you have here.