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Lorien Inksong is an obsessive wildflower enthusiast, RPG gamer, and lover of both science fiction and fantasy. Though generally elusive in the wild its quite possible to lure this illustrator out of hiding with spooky locales or promises of tea.

I am not currently active on Weasyl. The site is lovely but its a ghost town.

Tools Used

PaintTool SAI
Wacom Tablet
Copic Markers

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Whether you have a question or just want to chat feel free to do so! I'd like to make some more friends here.

Thanks for reading my profile!

Latest Journal

Shuttering my Weasyl Account

on 18 September 2017 at 18:23:08 MDT

Its really too bad because I like the website and its design, but the Weasyl community isn't working out for me. Because its a ghost town in here! And when I try to say hi and make friends people don't respond. Either because 1) They're just not the type or 2) Because they never check Weasyl 'cause its a ghost town!

So I'm not going to be active here anymore. New artwork (if it happens) will be on my tumblr or Deviantart. I also won't be looking for new artists to follow here, but I will be leaving what I've got posted as it is.

If Weasyl perks up and becomes an active website I will happily return. I really hope it does.

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    Your art is Amazing! I love the WoW art :)

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      Thanks. I tend to draw my characters for the most part so now that I've started playing WoW its a bit inevitable. :)

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    Hello again! I've been looking through some of your recent work, and I just found out you made a headpiece and a brocade. I gotta say, those look really beautiful. That, along with some of your recent work had me really impressed. Keep it up!

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      Thank you! I'm (of course) working on more illustrations, and actually have some insidious plans in the crafts and adornment department. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Thanks for the watch!

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    Well lookie who we have here B)

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      I'm not so easily lost. :B

      Didn't know you were on Weasyl prior to your DA journal, how long have you had an account?