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26th Orbit Completed

I've completed my 26th orbit around Sol yesterday. I wonder how many will figure out what that means. :P

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My dog died.

It looks like she died in the last hour. I don't know how or why, and the signs that something was wrong only started yesterday night. She normally doesn't like to eat sometimes and waits till midnight or even morning to eat her food. So I didn't think it was that abnormal. I gave her some mac & ch…

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Starcraft 2

I'm not sure how many furries really play SC2, though I do know a fair few myself. I have just created a group on there called "Furry Scalie Collective" and invite you all to join. There is an SC2 link but I'm not sure how it might work for everyone. :P starcraft://group/1/135206 You can find the g…