My dog died. by VasVadum

It looks like she died in the last hour. I don't know how or why, and the signs that something was wrong only started yesterday night. She normally doesn't like to eat sometimes and waits till midnight or even morning to eat her food. So I didn't think it was that abnormal. I gave her some mac & cheese that I had eaten most of as well, that same day, on top of her food. She didn't eat it either, not even a bite. This morning, I brought her inside and pet her some, snuggled over her, and gave her some attention. She wasn't all that excited as she normally is. She just plopped right down on the one single rug in the entire house. After, I put her back outside and cooked a fresh hot dog, because I know she has a piece of her jaw missing and thought maybe if I gave her something easy to chew she might eat it. She almost took it from me when I gave it to her, but then she dropped it and didn't look back at it. She just layed there on the porch so I was sure something was wrong. I told my mother when she got back that the dog needed to see the vet, but it was to late. I looked outside and she was dead.

I lifted the dog into an old dog house that she was always scared of, and put the lid on it and moved it out back. It's below freezing outside o it's impossible to dig a hole right now. Asked a friend to come by in the next few days with their hole digging tractor, like they did for my previous dog who died of old age. It looks like my husky died from poison though. My mother didn't tell me till today but she was drinking a whole lot of water which I'm told is consistent with rat poison and to make things worse, when I lifted the dog up, there was a dead field mouse under her which seemed rather odd. It's possible that one of my neighbors, or the one I had a fight with a few weeks ago, poisoned my dog.

The fight was just a simple issue of their router interfering with my dish, making my net totally utterly unusable during the day time when they were online. It wasn't even really a fight, I just walked up there and asked them if they could change their channel, they pulled out a gun and told me never to come back and threatened me then fired off a round. Clearly they are assholes.

Anyway. My dog is dead now. The only pet I have left, is my snake. You can see pictures of my dog here in the folder "Pet: Tasha".

My dog died.


28 January 2014 at 12:01:54 MST

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