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Kinga / 29 / they/them/

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
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Notice for people interested in commissioning me!!

OK so-!! In a little over two weeks I'll be leaving to Poland and I won't be back till 16th of August! I'm not gonna be closing commissions for the time being, because I plan on taking my old tablet with me and, well... hope it works (worst case scenario I will borrow one from my little sister) I'l…

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whoa HEY!

I'm back from the dead!! ..I mean finals in animation major!""" Should be able to get back to visiting here more often now that it's summer vacation, tho I'm still hella busy!! (gotta start on that thesis...) But I'll be opening commissions again soon, I should post a new price chart tomorrow!!

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YCH auction update!!

HEY because the auction is almost over, and I have few people bidding for the same slots, I'm not gonna end it EXACTLY at 10pm! To avoid snipping without giving others a chance to counter offer, I'll extend the time a bit accordingly, because I'd rather someone lost an auction because they just don…

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YCH auction ending tomorrow!!

HEY one last reminder that these here: (NSFW) end in little less than 24 hours! Let me know if You want one, or if You already placed a bid, double check if I put You under right number etc, etc!! As of time of writing this journal, t…

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Taking few last commissions! :o

HEY so I still have few current ones to finish but I wanted to take another 3 orders before I close up commissions again! They'll be closed until I finish my 3rd year film, or get close to it, I'll see how I look time-wise with that. Also might increase my prices a bit when I open again. I'm gonna…

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ey btw

HEY I''m back from my trip and I'm gonna be taking commissions for a while again! I still got one slot open so e-mail me at if You're interested! UvU If You wanna check if there are any slots available, You can always check the commission status here on Weasyl, or my tumb…

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Closing commissions for a while!

Ok seeing how a couple people have asked already after I posted some stuff: NO I'M NOT CURRENTLY OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! I've got two more to work on, on top of finals, and I need to finish them quick because right after finals I'm flying to Poland with my family for two weeks. I'm not taking my tabl…

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Regarding commissions

HEY HELLO I just wanted to give a collective update on what the heck is going on. I'm extremely sorry for taking so long with commissions/not replying to e-mails. I'm 3rd year animation major and I have to animate A LOT this year, school pretty much takes up almost all of my time. In addition to th…

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I'm not dead yet I swear

HEY sorry I've not been very active here, but I was having a bit of proper vacation. I had two of my friends visit and it was loads of fun! I drew some stuff, but nothing worth posting on here, really. (maybe I'll do a sketch dump sometimes soon haha") Also I started drawing a comic again, (but if…

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HEY SO I OPENED THEM AGAIN! Just want to make sure everyone knows, even though my queue is currently full o<o I decided to keep my list to myself this time since it's just something for myself to keep track of what I need to get done, and Weasyl has this cool profile thing when You can display You…

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HEY so I haven't looked at this website for like, a month and a half or more even, I've been very busy with finals and what not but SCHOOL IS OVER I AM FREE NOW SO EXPECT TO SEE ME HERE MORE OFTEN! Also I'm gonna open up commissions very soon, so keep an eye on that. I just need to finish some stuf…

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Thanks and Hello!

Hey Hi, first of all I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has followed me on Weasyl! UvU I really appreciate the support and all the lovely messages I've received, You guys are great! ;v; I'm still getting used to using this site, navigating trough it is kinda cumbersome for me because I…