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Some nerd who draws and studies animation at SVA
There's a lot of porn and gross shit.
Also gijinkas.
I love OCs.



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Notice for people interested in commissioning me!!

OK so-!! In a little over two weeks I'll be leaving to Poland and I won't be back till 16th of August! I'm not gonna be closing commissions for the time being, because I plan on taking my old tablet with me and, well... hope it works (worst case scenario I will borrow one from my little sister)
I'll try my best to get at least some work done while I'm away, but keep in mind I'll be mostly with family, traveling and doing lots of things. Some places I'm gonna be don't have internet connection. So really just not the best place to get work done, especially if it's something nsfw or otherwise not something I wanna draw while I have people looking over my shoulder.
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish all the orders I currently have in the queue before I leave since I'm able to work on them pretty fast, but I also have a ton of other things I want/have to draw before I go on vacation, so from now on You are welcome to send me an inquiry for a commission if a slot is open, just please be aware that it might take over a month for it to be actually done! (especially if it's something larger)

Sorry for this inconvenience!""

But also huge thanks to all the people who commissioned me so far, I finally made enough money to buy myself a small cintiq which I really needed bc it's easier to do digital + my current tablet is all scratched up and the cable doesn't work more than it does, and I couldn't have done that without You so yeah!!! You all get an internet hug!! (unless You don't like physical contact, that's cool)

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    Love your style.

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    The most Princely of Sirs

    The most Sirly of Princes

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    You make a good rattata fellow :3 looove your art, mainly bellies <3

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      Thanks! C:
      Tho idk what you mean by rattata fellow...?""

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        Awww sorry, just derped, thought the rattata character is form of your sonaaa, nvm X3

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          naaah, I don't draw porn of my avatars/sonas!
          She's one of my fav OCs tho x')

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    pokemon robots humans monsters all variations of body type! Wow! your gallery kicks butt! Nice work!