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Commission price chart (info in description) by sir-prince

Commission price chart (info in description)


I was actually going to post those earlier, but I got a bunch of orders from tumblr in matter of minutes so... since I finished two orders today I have them open (as for moment of me writing this, at least...)

If You are interested, shoot me an e-mail at !

works on first come first serve basis! I usually try to update the little commission thing on my front page as soon as slots open, so check that out before You send an e-mail! (it will say slots are full if they are!)


  • NSFW and plenty of kinks (kinda my specialty, but I’ll glady do sfw things!!!)
  • humans, anthros, monsters, ponies, OCs, fanart, almost anything!
  • blood and gore is a OK
  • it’s not in the chart, but I will gladly do ref sheets, character designs, badges and whatever else You wanna, just ask me and we will figure out the price!


  • I can KIND OF draw robots. But only if they’re stylized in a certain way. You can check out my tf drawings in my "robots" folder to see if that’s something You like! They also take way longer to draw because of amount of detail and it being not something I have much practice in, so I’m going to charge a bit extra for those!
  • I might charge extra for an overly complicated design on any character as well! But similarly, if the character is very simple, like an mlp character or a small pokemon I’ll drop the price a bit!


  • nsfw/kink art with underage characters
  • some fetishes
  • real life people (unless maybe, if it’s meant to be You or significant other and You have their permission)
  • anything hateful towards a person or a group
  • If You ask me to draw a trans/intersex character by referring to them with a slur, I will decline the commission right away.

ok so I want to commission You for some fetish material but I’m not sure if that is something You will want to do!
Do not fret! You can refer to my my f-list for that!: (or just ask me!!) I’m ok with drawing everything in “maybe” section, all it means is that it’s just not something I am personally into, and You might have to help me out a bit with understanding the appeal to make sure You get what You want from it!
the ones from “no” section are the only ones I don’t feel comfortable drawing for sure!


  • In Your first mail is best to just give me a type of commission (title or just the letter from the chart is fine) and a general idea/subject matter, so I can see if it’s something I’m willing and able to do. (also prevents situations like people sending me a wall of text when I already had slots filled and couldn’t accept it)
  • If I’m ok with it I’ll add You to my list and You are welcome to send me further details.
  • The more info You give me the better! Sometimes people even send me refs or simple sketch for a pose they want and it’s actually really helpfull!
  • also pls make sure You have a proper visual reference. for example, don’t ask me for a fullbody picture and then send me a picture of a character where they are visible only up to their chest.
  • I don’t work from written reference either! If You have an idea for a character You don’t have any drawings of, You can ask me to help You design them/make ref sheet, but that’s gotta have to be a separate commission on it’s own!
  • Anything other than full color pictures and paintings are paid up front! With those two, I’ll send You a sketch of it first, and once You’re happy with it You can send me the payment, and I’ll finish it. I will not continue working on it before You pay me, so don’t ask. (I had this happen)
  • For now, I only accept PayPal as form of payment.


  • full color/paintings will usually have some kind of very simple background, but if You want something specific it will cost extra, depending on complexity!
  • I will charge extra for any additional elements/larger props, depending on complexity! (for example: character sitting on a throne, or surrounded by tentacles)
  • THESE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. this being said, feel free to use Your commission as an icon/profile image/phone bg whatever You want, all that means is I’m not gonna design a logo for Your company or illustrate a book for those prices!
  • You can request Your commission to be anonymous, or completely private (meaning I won’t post it anywhere). Just say so in Your first e-mail!
  • I have the right to decline a commission proposal for whatever reason. Although It’s very rare with me.
  • You can cancel Your commission and get Your money back BEFORE I start working on it. Otherwise we would have to compromise and the refund will be partial, depending on how far into it I am. There is no refunds after the commission is done.
  • I know I change my style a lot, so if You see anything specific on my page You like, You can link me to it and be like “I WANT MINE TO BE DRAWN LIKE THAT THING!”. Otherwise I will go with whatever I feel suits best.

and as always, feel free to message me with any questions!

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    Question: You go by first-come-first-serve basis, but slots full. Should potential customers still email their prompt to be in line for the next time a slot is opened?

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      nope! :o My commission queue is already like a waiting line and I don't want another line outside of that, so I'd rather people not send me commission inquiries when slots are full!