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Best Vacation Ever

I'm at the airport with 17minutes left of free internet, waiting for my flight to come in to take me back to New York. I hate having to leave Texas, but, I'll be back in February or March ^_^

This has been the best week of my life. Had a TON of issues with the airlines and such, but even through it all, I've never been happier. I've been together with my mate for 2 months, and I finally got to meet him, face-to-face, and hang out with him for a full week. It was amazing, every second of it. I knew it would be great to hold him in my arms, and I knew I was looking forward to all the firsts. (~ our first kiss, our first hug, the first time we see and talk to each other in person, the first time we shared a bed, the first morning we woke up together, our first meal together, the first time we went hiking together, the list goes on and on and on). But, I wasn't prepared for just how very truly fantastic it would all be.. I miss him already. I missed him even when we were riding in the back seat of his roommates car as they drove me to the airport.

Buffskeith01 is the very best guy I've ever known. They say everyone is unique, you know? He is the world's greatest example of it. He is special in so many ways, and I won't get into them here. I've praised him for all of his aspects over and over, hoping he'll realize how special he is, and how special he is to me. Really, he means the world to me.

He is the reason I have any self-esteem at all. When he found me, I was feeling low, and down-in-the-dumps. He pulled me out of it and made me smile. He has made me more bold, confident, and fills me with hope and ambition. In fact, since I met him two and a half months ago, through his motivation, I've lost over 20 pounds, and almost 10% body fat. He is truly truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I'll be heading back to Texas in Feb or March, this time to stay. And I plan on using every moment of these 6 or 7 months waiting to save my money, and to better myself even further, and to ensure that my life with Skeith will be the best time of my life, and his.

I am going to take care of him. I will support him and love him for all time, and turn every bad day into a good one, every frown into a smile, and even if I can't, I will be there to help him bear the rough times anyways. I am going to spoil him and love him deeply, and use every fiber of my being to make his life heaven, because that is exactly what he has already done for me.

~ I love you Skeith, and am yours, always ~

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    you're so sweet thank you so so much!

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    Thanks for the follow! Just happened to notice in that journal up there that you were living (or live) in NY. I'm on Long Island!