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Closing commissions for a while! by sir-prince

Ok seeing how a couple people have asked already after I posted some stuff: NO I'M NOT CURRENTLY OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!
I've got two more to work on, on top of finals, and I need to finish them quick because right after finals I'm flying to Poland with my family for two weeks. I'm not taking my tablet since the one I use now is HUGE and I am in no way able to fit it safely in hand suitcase, plus I'm gonna be too busy visiting my family anyway.
I'm gonna be back sometime after the New Year kicks in, will let You know exactly when as it happens, and then You are most welcome to drown me in orders!

Closing commissions for a while!


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    disregard my email then mate ^.^; hope things are less mental for ya in the new year dude! anticipated for the next time i can throw money at ya

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      Looking forward to it too, Christmas time hurts my wallet and I'd love to draw more fun stuff for money when I'm back~! B'D

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        oh dont it just! makes sense, new year new round of commissions!
        whoaa what if i get to be your first commissioner of 2015 that'd be rad

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    Hope you have a nice christmas o/ Enjoy the holidays <: