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Regarding commissions by sir-prince

I just wanted to give a collective update on what the heck is going on.
I'm extremely sorry for taking so long with commissions/not replying to e-mails. I'm 3rd year animation major and I have to animate A LOT this year, school pretty much takes up almost all of my time. In addition to that my mental health really degraded and it got so bad I finally gathered up the courage to go and ask to see a therapist at my school. So like, there's that. No question that it affected my ability to draw because my motivation and self esteem regarding drawing is pretty damn low, in addition to having little to no time.

This week is a little better, I don't have any homework from my main animation class so I've been working on commissions today, and will continue to do so tomorrow/Monday so if You are waiting for a commission or sent me an e-mail asking for one, You should hear from me in next two days.

Hopefully I'll be able to get all, or at least most current orders done so I can take few new ones!
I might however knock down my slot number from 5 to 3, just so I don't get overwhelmed and avoid situations like this again, because I really hate making people wait for commissions for several months.
Really sorry about that orz"""

Regarding commissions


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    Sorry to hear things are kinda getting on top of you. It's probably best to cut down your commission workload in future as you said so you're not getting completely overwhelmed/stressed out while you manage school and all.

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    Take care of yourself, man. It's no big for us if you're not posting super often. Just makes it all the sweeter whan you're feeling better down the line :P