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I'm not dead yet I swear by sir-prince

HEY sorry I've not been very active here, but I was having a bit of proper vacation. I had two of my friends visit and it was loads of fun! I drew some stuff, but nothing worth posting on here, really. (maybe I'll do a sketch dump sometimes soon haha")

Also I started drawing a comic again, (but if You follow me on tumblr You already know that probably) and aaaah I'm just super hyped on that~

oh, right, and I'm working on commissions again and now that fun part of vacation is over no more delays and stuff~
I need to make enough money to buy a program I'll need for a class, so please consider buying something from me!
You can find all the info here:
Commission inquiries and any questions regarding them should go to , thanks!

I'm not dead yet I swear


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    Eeee so commissioning you. Been watching you for a while and usually I never realize when you have a spot open.

    Also hope the vacation was just the thing you needed ^^

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      Ah, that's cuz I never really "announce" it, and I don't post ALL my commissions here, but the little commission thing on my main page is pretty reliable source of info weather I'm open or not!

      And yeah, but now I want to work my butt off, I can't stand not being productive for a long time aaaha""

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    not dead YET?
    i can change that XD JKJK

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      wow, that sure is a weird way to say you wish someone was dead.