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Finchy / 30 / Female / Texas

Gots the poo-brain.
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Open
Requests: Closed
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'Emergency' Commissions

My tablet is crapping out on me again surprise, surprise. I'm still not for certain if it's just the cord or the usb slot itself is wonked, but this is the second cord I'll be having to buy for this tablet now. Third if you wanna count the one they sent me that wasn't the right product. Nontheless,…

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Am I being selfish?

What do you do when you're in a relationship with someone that loves your art just as much as they love you...but you just can't keep up with their demands and requests for art too? I've been happy to supply art for my lover for so many years but sometimes I just don't want to do the things he want…

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Questions for Watchers *Update*

First off, I apologize for my lack of activity. I've been sick for over a week now and it's still kind of hovering...I may have to go to the doc as much as I don't want to, but I'll be fine. It's probably just a really bad virus or infection. I sit down adn try to art, but sometimes I just end up g…

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.:Bronze Artist:.

~BRONZE ARTIST AWWWWWWW YEAH~ As I've been pestering your inboxes for the past week now, I'm finally opening up for what I have been advertising and contemplating for. I've had a handful of my watchers already say they were interested for more than one reason and for more than one slot, and that ma…

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Updates on Bronze Artist thingy and ask me stuff

Okay so I'm gonna open the thingies soon, and honestly I was hoping to open them like -this- week. I think I still will, but I need to put a disclaimer here like right now. I have finals and big projects I'm working on for school right now. SO if i DO go ahead and make the list, I might be able to…

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New Icon - Possible Free Stuff?

Hey yall. My new icon. It is just a sketch, but I uploaded it for a reason. First of all, I still need some opinions before anything can take place, in this journal, or the project itself. So please look HERE first. Seen enough? Commented? Voiced opinion? Good. Now read on for funsies. I have decid…

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I'm getting REALLY tired of this. [HELP!]

I have been having issues with my tablet for a long time. My mother recently bought me a -brand- new one in late February. Brand new. Worked fine for a while and then it started giving me the same issues my old one did. It will plug into my computer, but the pressure sensitivity won't work randomly…

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Serious Question - Looking for Feedback

I want to attempt to raise 400-500$ by the end of May, or middle of June. Preferably by the end of May. I'm not sure if I will be able to do this, but if I can at least get it sometime in the summer that will still help alot. My goal basically, is to get to 500$ at the very LATEST before December.…

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Your Character Here

I have s nice sketch that I don't want to go to waste. The minimum bid is 5$, almost every time I try to do an auction they stay fairly low in price so just give it a shot. Even if you bid the minimum, you might win. Come give it a look, if you're interested, please <3 Spread the word too if you kn…

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Busts/Headshots Commission Notes

This is just for me I guess. To keep track of what's going on, and to try to keep the current commissioners informed of what is up with their pieces. Slot1 - Raqox @ FA PAID - (Complete) FULL Slot2 - Mimu @ FA PAID - (Complete) FLAT Slot3 - Mintchip @ FA PAID - (sketching soon) FLAT w/vid

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Commissions may open tonight for icons/busts

I'm working on the remainder of my homework for this week, studying, tests, speech projects, etc. But if I finish ahead of schedule, tonight, I will be opening up 3 slots for bust/icon commissions. The picture you will be getting will be done in a fashion similar to this:…

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Just another Commission Promise

I'm very much in the mindset now that I want to offer them again, but, on stricter levels for myself. I'll probably only open when I can stream, or when I know I'll have a set amount of time to work on things, and will only offer certain TYPES of commissions at a given time, and won't let myself su…

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Contemplating Opening Commissions Again

I gotta get back in my vibe. I gotta find my balance and time management. But I am thinking I should start out small. I doubt I'll get much business at first, but that will just give me more time to find said balance. I'll probably start out with just some simple sketches. Might stream...whatever I…

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I guess copy pasta...

Have you ever just hit a low point in your life that you felt you'd never have? Something that makes you so desperate, you'd seek advice from a complete stranger? Even go as far as to post an extremely personal problem on the internet of all things, in hopes that maybe you wouldn't get nothing but…

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Pokemon X and Y

OH GOD\_embedded&amp;v=4bIrWryFc7A

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Huge Success!

Today was very tiring but fun and rewarding. Had the student art gallery at the college today, and I managed to sell two paintings and 5 glass fusion pieces, and possibly counting! I had to leave early so maybe someone else went to the instructor with a bid. Got around 145$ for everything so I'm pr…

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Trades and Updates

Trades, I'm gonna open just to show what I'm willing to trade. Commissions are still at a miss, and I may not open them til 2013, or sometime in December. I might be doing adoptables soon though. Trades, I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE doing design/adoptable/character trades. So yeah hit me up if you wan…

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Uggghh I want this whyyy

Black Friday sales Friday, saturday, and sunday for Guild Wars 2 Gems. Fucking want so bad. No monies in paypal or bank. Waaahhh.

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People who make materialistic objects, read? <3 Please? ;w;

The time is nearing where I will be needing to make my jewelry if I want to spring on at least a fraction of christmas sales this year. This will be my first time -ever- actually putting an etsy to use, and making true jewelry, wether it is fused glass, or crafted beads, or whatever else I can thin…

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Lol I can rate journals?

Just to be safe I'll always rate my journals mature. Never know when I feel the need to curse or whatever. I'll try to keep it civilized as much as possible though. This is just a brief explanation I suppose. Ahem... Hi, some of you guys might know me from Secondlife, Furaffinity, or DeviantArt. If…