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Umm....editing this later.

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'Emergency' Commissions

My tablet is crapping out on me again surprise, surprise. I'm still not for certain if it's just the cord or the usb slot itself is wonked, but this is the second cord I'll be having to buy for this tablet now. Third if you wanna count the one they sent me that wasn't the right product. Nontheless, I kinda need a little extra cash to pick one up. Since I wanna keep this adoptables account going, I need to be able to draw, and without my tablet, well, I'll only be able to like... maybe use bases and try to make horribly misplaced lines with my mouse and coloring. I mean I guess it's possible but it's not at all satisfactory nor comfortable.

Last time I bought one I remember it was only like...I think 12$ to 16$? I have a bit of money in my paypal right now but I was already transferring it to help with my water bill tomorrow >.>;; So I kinda need a little extra. If you guys out there want any custom adopts, or even a drippy saliva icon like mine, give me a shout. I'll send a quite your way. Keep in mind, I need -money- for paypal, not DA points. :(

But yeah, anyway, please let me know if you wanna get a custom design commish, and if my tablet manages to stay alive during your commission it'll be a quick process I think.

EDIT:: Okay so I just checked my PP and shit and I fucking have the money to get the stupid cord but my prob' is that I can't use PP to buy it on amazon so like if someone wants to be a pretty cool guy and buy it for me and then I pay you back via paypal AND some art just for being a cool kid that'd be pretty kickass too.

( copy paste from DA sorry for the irrelevant infos but yeah this is an issue currently if someone wants to help?)

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    Thank you for the follow!!

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    Thankies for the follow~! <3

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    I remember you from FA!
    How you been?

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      I remembered you as well. I can't really access my FA anymore, but I don't really want to try to either. it's a long story, haha.

      I've been okay. Busy as always, but really good for the most part~

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        I'm still busy on there than here, but I may use this site to replace my DA...due the the high art-thief rate there.

        I can relate. I'm in con-prep mood and studying.

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    Thanks for the follow, it means so much since I currently have an identity theft case on my hands right now. ^^'

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      I'm terribly sorry for that. That's one of my biggest fears, especially since I just started going back to DA. I hate DA and have had too many negative issues there, but joined again in hopes to get my adoptables sold or traded. No luck yet, but hopefully more good will come from this than bad.

      Anyway, I rambled, sorry. I hope your issue gets resolved. That's a terrible thing to go through.