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Anxious New Year! [PLEASE READ]

Hello everyone, and happy 2017! Following recent tradition, this is my new year’s resolution/aspiration journal. It’s already a good sign that I’m putting it up now instead of February like last year, so here’s hoping that’s a good sign for the rest of this year. First of all, my Christmas was dece…

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Zootopia Review (In-depth, Spoiler-ish)

“Try Everything, and Succeed” - A Zootopia Review Hello yet again, everyone. Although I’m hardly qualified or reimbursed for doing so, I like to write the occasional review for a movie, music album, or video game when I feel I have something important enough to say. A lot of things have happened si…

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Here's to the New Year

Hello everyone! This is meant to be my intro to the new year / resolutions and promises journal. It’s kind of a bad sign that I’m posting it a month or so late now, but hopefully I can only improve on things from this point afterwards. First off, I had a pretty decent Christmas. I got to spend some…

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My Favorite AR Sequences in Animated Series

As a precursor to the big project ahead, I’d like to give everyone a bit of a glimpse into my past and reveal the various bits and pieces of age regression sequences that molded my interest into what it is today. To try and make the idea seem profound, my upcoming project dwells on the definition o…

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Love/Hate Relationship #1: "Oh, the Horror!"

This is the first in a journal series I want to start called Love/Hate Relationship, discussing general subjects that everyone has an opinion about. I personally despise things I will discuss in this series…but I also have a sort of strange attraction to them at the same time. Hopefully, some of yo…

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Age +1 Alcohol Consumption +2 Employment +1 Dungeons & Dragons party tonight being the reason I'm making this reference +1

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time we've been waiting for since 2006 has finally come. In an OFFICIAL Nintendo video, Shigeru Miyamoto briefly revealed that he is working on a Star Fox game for the Wii U. He stated that the game isn't available for just anyone to play at E3 though, as it was rather pri…

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Apology and Concerns (PLEASE READ)

Hey guys. I'd like to sincerely apologize for how I've been shirking people off for the past few weeks. It was one of my New Year's resolutions to be more social this year, and for a while I was doing a great job of being a social butterfly. I was making friends left and right and loving it...but e…

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So umm...halp? ^^;

How do you make folders and stuff for submissions? I've been looking for the way to do it, and I swear I'm missing something here. Someone fairly proficient with the site help a newbie fox please? ^^;

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Weasyl impressions and plans

So I've been here for a little while now, long enough I deem to be able to make some accurate claims as to what I like and don't like about the site. First off, there are two big things that I like a lot. The first is the character submission section that's separate of all normal submissions. Even…