Star Fox for Wii U CONFIRMED! [WITH PROOF!] by BoltroReiodoru

Ladies and gentlemen, the time we've been waiting for since 2006 has finally come.

In an OFFICIAL Nintendo video, Shigeru Miyamoto briefly revealed that he is working on a Star Fox game for the Wii U.
He stated that the game isn't available for just anyone to play at E3 though, as it was rather privately displayed at the convention. But the point is that it HAS been revealed and confirmed that we will FINALLY get a new Star Fox game!

Here is the video evidence. It is the third and final thing Miyamoto reveals in the video, so just sit tight through the other announcements.

In the video you're only able to see a little bit of the screen, and here's my observations based on what I saw.

It seemed to me like the game was being played from the flying perspective, as we would assume is the case anyway.
You could see a picture of Peppy on the corner of the screen for a moment as well, but his picture sure looked a lot like his portrait from Star Fox 64 3D. Now I know the game probably isn't even in its Alpha state right now, and that picture is probably just being used as a place-holder, but I REALLY don't want this to just be an HD version of 64. In fact, I would be beyond pissed.

I also don't want a Star Fox game that is JUST flying missions, contrary to what some other "fans" may desire.
I believe we're past the point in the gaming industry where a flying rail shooter like the first two Star Fox titles can presently stand as a full, rich, $60 game. It makes you feel so detached from the universe you're in, and in this day and age Nintendo NEEDS to put all the immersion they can into their titles.
I'm all for finally releasing a new Star Fox title, but if it just knocks the franchise back to its 64 days then what would be the point?

What do you guys think?
And how have you all been liking the rest of E3 so far?



11 June 2014 at 20:22:08 MDT

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