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Moving Again

So due to some family things, I am moving again. This time I am moving a short distance to an apartment, so the moving process should take less than a week. I don't have too many things to pack up, mostly clothing, art supplies, and my computer and tablet. I am moving on Monday, September 14th. My…

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I Have Finished Moving! **All Commissions OPEN**

Now that family reunions are done and my computer and tablet are all set up in my new room, I can fully reopen for all 2D commissions, both digital and traditional. I am now out in California where many big game companies are, so I am now able to actively apply for on-site positions. Hopefully I ca…

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I usually don't do these, but what the hey:

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Moving Begins **Commissions Temporarily On Hold**

I though I would at least keep traditional commissions open, but seeing as I've packed up all my art supplies for the trip, I will be placing all commissions on hold until I am settled. I am leaving on Wednesday, July 15th instead of the 17th. I will be packing up my computer tomorrow and it will s…

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I'm Moving **Commissions Still Open**

So currently, I'm located in the Midwest. My job field is the game industry. I do game art. While I did have some contract work here for a small game company (see "Disney Villains" and "Dragon Keeper" titled works in my gallery), since then I haven't had a job. That contract position ended back in…

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Patreon and Storenvy!

Just a reminder for watchers old and new: I have a Patreon! For as little as $1.00 a month, get access to sketches and wips you won't see here or anywhere else! Higher price tiers will get you access to full size .pngs and signed art prints of your choice mailed out to you.…

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New Storenvy Items - Store Now Taking Stripe!

All my western zodiac bottle necklaces are now available for purchase through my storenvy shop: Payment options are now via Paypal and Stripe through my shop, so I can now accept store payments via credit cards. **PLEASE NOTE: Regular commissions and purchases fr…

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New Commission Order Form!

I've put together a new commission order form to help streamline getting in all the details I need to do commissions for you: This makes it easier for me to collect information on what kind of commission you'd want from me, the details of what you want happening in yo…

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Sale Over; See You At MFF

Both sales have ended. As always, you can still get a commission from me at the regular rates. I am heading to MFF around midday Friday and will be there til Sunday. I finally have my own room this year. I will be trying for Artist Alley on Saturday and Sunday of the con, but most of my finished ar…

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$ 10 Human Headshot Sketch Special! * * CLOSED* *

I want to get in more human face practice, so from now until December 1st I will be running a $10 sketch special on all human headshot sketches. These will be done both digitally and traditionally. The style I'm going for is semi-realism and will look something like this:…

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Badge Sale and MFF Art Show

I am running a sale on badges and ACEO commissions. Until Dec. 1st, all badges and ACEO's are just $30.00 USD and can be picked up for free at the convention if you are attending. Otherwise postage costs still apply. I am entering the Art Show at MFF this year. I will be displaying originals and di…

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Livestream Video is Up!

Just put up a video of my very first livestream event from a few months ago, which was of this painting, my Chinese Zodiac Rat, here: Here's the video: Thanks for w…

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Commissions, Links, and General News

Hey all, Been busy the past couple of months. First off, the big news: I graduated in June with my BFA in Game Art & Design. I am now actively seeking jobs in the video game industry. Secondly, I am completely open for commissions. I have a part time job for the summer, or until I get a foothold in…

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Portfolio Site Now Live!

Finished my professional portfolio tonight. You'll see artwork there that I haven't yet posted anywhere else, as well as an organized store set up for buying prints and originals I have available. Link here: Also, don't forget that I am open for commissions. P…

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Commissions for March

My commission queue is completely open again, so if you've been wanting a commission for me, these are what I'd like to focus on this month. All prices are USD. Paypal only please. Please read my ToS before ordering: I'll take up to 5 at once.…

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Incoming Sketch Dump

A lot of the finished pieces I've done recently I've been holding back from uploading because they are school related. In case you didn't know, I'm currently going to school for a BFA in Game Art and Design. I'm about a quarter and a half from graduation, and all the art I've been doing has gone to…

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Commissions ToS

Effective as of November 1st, 2013, pertaining to all business transactions between OllyChimera and Client, where "OllyChimera" refers to myself, Ai-Zen OllyChimera/Blackchimera(On Furraffinity ONLY), the business owner and artisan, and "client" refers to any purchaser or agent of a purchaser of my…