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Commissions, Links, and General News by Ai-Zen

Hey all,

Been busy the past couple of months. First off, the big news: I graduated in June with my BFA in Game Art & Design. I am now actively seeking jobs in the video game industry.

Secondly, I am completely open for commissions. I have a part time job for the summer, or until I get a foothold in the gaming industry, so any notes and etc will be answered between 4pm - Midnight CST.
To order a commission, or ask questions, please email me at: ollychimera[at]

Thirdly, I haven't been very active here as much as I have been on dA or FA because honestly, I find it harder to be noticed here that even on FA or dA. I will continue to update this page, but that will be sparse and lagging compared to the other sites.

I will check this page at least a few times a week for notes and commission orders, but it is far more reliable to note me via the sites below or through email at ollychimera[at]
To stay more up-to-date with me, please follow me on any of these sites:

Commissions, Links, and General News


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