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I'm always working on improving my skills one piece at a time. I love animals, nature, fantasy, sci-fi, videogames, and steampunk. My favorite fantasy animals are dragons and chimeras. My favorite confirmed living animals are any species of cat, axolotls, and bats. I am also fond of freshwater pet fish.

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Latest Journal

Moving Again

on 9 September 2015 at 16:40:15 MDT

So due to some family things, I am moving again. This time I am moving a short distance to an apartment, so the moving process should take less than a week. I don't have too many things to pack up, mostly clothing, art supplies, and my computer and tablet.

I am moving on Monday, September 14th. My computer will be the last thing I pack up on Sunday so that I may continue to work. I will have to get a new internet provider as part of my move so I may not be available online for a few days after Monday while I get everything set up. This may cause some delay in for my commissioners, and I apologize for this, but the delay should last no longer than a week from Monday the 14th.

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Digital Colored Character Badge
$ 40.00
Tea-Stained Sketch Badges
$ 25.00
Traditional Colored Character Badge
$ 35.00


Lineart (Base Price)
$ 50.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 100.00
add  Background
$ 35.00
add  Cel Shaded Colors
$ 35.00
add  Flat Colors
$ 25.00

Painted Pieces

Full Color Subject (No Background)
$ 150.00
Painted Environments
$ 150.00
Painted Headshot
$ 80.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 100.00
add  Painted Background
$ 150.00

Plush Tails, Dolls, Accessories

Custom Plush Doll
$ 35.00
Fleece Animal Hat
$ 25.00
Plush Tails
from $ 25.00
to $ 45.00

Reference Sheets (Digital Only)

Reference Sheet
$ 120.00
add  Extra Close-up Detail/Headshot
$ 25.00
add  Extra Pose
$ 35.00


Sketch (Base Price)
$ 25.00
add  Additional Characters
$ 15.00
add  Background
$ 15.00
add  Cel Shaded Colors
$ 25.00
add  Flat Color
$ 15.00

I accept payment through Paypal only. Work will begin once payment comes through.

Clients will be given WIPs for all pieces over $40.00 USD. Up to 5 revision phases will be provided free of charge for all commissions over $40.00 USD. Revision passes after the first 5 will be $15.00 USD each.

I have the right to reject any and all offers for whatever reason, though the most likely reasons will probably be something heavily fetishy or offensive (please ask if you're not sure!). Artwork will be allowed to be shown in both my other art accounts or in the client's own art account, but may only be for personal use only, provided there is proper credit given. Anyone wanting work done for commercial use will need to consult with me first.


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