Moving Again by Ai-Zen OllyChimera

So due to some family things, I am moving again. This time I am moving a short distance to an apartment, so the moving process should take less than a week. I don't have too many things to pack up, mostly clothing, art supplies, and my computer and tablet.

I am moving on Monday, September 14th. My computer will be the last thing I pack up on Sunday so that I may continue to work. I will have to get a new internet provider as part of my move so I may not be available online for a few days after Monday while I get everything set up. This may cause some delay in for my commissioners, and I apologize for this, but the delay should last no longer than a week from Monday the 14th.

Moving Again

Ai-Zen OllyChimera

9 September 2015 at 16:40:15 MDT

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