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I'm Moving **Commissions Still Open** by Ai-Zen

So currently, I'm located in the Midwest. My job field is the game industry. I do game art. While I did have some contract work here for a small game company (see "Disney Villains" and "Dragon Keeper" titled works in my gallery), since then I haven't had a job. That contract position ended back in November 2014. And by "haven't had a job" I mean ANY job. Since the contract position ended I've been applying all over the place - game art positions, part-time, minimum wage jobs, anything to keep a steady income. And nothing. There's nothing here job or career-wise for me out in the Midwest. So I'm moving to California.

I have family out in California who will be helping me make the move. Hopefully, being closer to such a game company hub will land me at least interviews. I am also hoping to find some sort of job in the meantime if the game companies don't reply right away. I am making the trip by car so I can have it to drive around once I am in California. I'm not sure if I will have room to bring my sewing machine and fabrics, so tail and other plush commissions will most likely be closed once I begin the trip.

Regular commissions will remain open as always, since I will be bringing most of my art supplies and computer and tablet.

The job search is also why the only recent art from me has been the odd commission or so. I'm currently working on a personal project to add to my 3D portfolio for impressing the game companies. It's a 3D environment. I won't be posting any of it until the project is completely finished, but you can see some of my 3D work on my professional portfolio here:

As for the trip, I will begin the trip on July 17th, so if you order a commission around then, it might be delayed a bit. Any commissions ordered before July will be completed and delivered in my usual turnover time.

That's all for now.

I'm Moving **Commissions Still Open**


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