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I am a cartoonist with a cat-kid named Dove! I love drawing and reading fanfics. I do not "play a character" ... my fursona and I are the same being and I appreciate talking with people who are being themselves as well.

I am actually quite shy about chatting with people one on one.

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YouTube pt2

Yay! I've now reached just over 4k watch hours! So my account is under review to see if it is acceptable for ads to be displayed. Thanks to those of you that helped out! Hopefully they will restore my monetization!

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    cool art.

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    Did I ever get back to you on that comic commission? I don't think I did, and I'm really sorry for being a jerk-customer. ;~; forgive meeeeee

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      haha No I don't think you did... but I hope you like the way it turned out. :)

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        God I'm so sorry. I'm fuckawful at remembering stuff, and I've got a terrible habit of opening emails on the run when I don't have time to respond and forgetting that the ones I opened I never responded to. I'm really sorry. I did love the comic though. Fantastic work. I know it was a hard subject since machines and stuff can be really difficult to look right and you did a stellar job, looks just like the one in my shop.

        And can I post it to my gallery linking you as the artist? I'm thinking of calling it "The Machinist". And have you posted it? I'd love to favorite it from your gallery and link to the original.

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          hehe I have the same problem sometimes so no worries. :) Hmmm I don't think I posted it here on Weasyl, though I did on my comics FA account. Gimme a moment and I will upload it here. :)

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    woot! I can follow you here too!
    and see things that you do BESIDES the usual general shizz >:P
    took damnit long enough for someone to figure age crap out, right?...

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    There you are! I was looking for you on this site.