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YouTube pt2

Yay! I've now reached just over 4k watch hours! So my account is under review to see if it is acceptable for ads to be displayed. Thanks to those of you that helped out! Hopefully they will restore my monetization!

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Under the new monitization guidelines... my channel is no longer monetized! I meet and pass the subs count part... but I need at least 146 more watch hours! I have plenty of videos up there to be watched. If you've never been there... what kind of videos do I do, you ask?! Well, I narrate and illus…

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Ask Me Anything

So it is my birthday... people do AMAs on their birthdays on some sites... so let's do that! Ask me anything!

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A Bit About Me - meme

Stealied from What's your real name? Some people know it, and if you do, please don't say it publicly. It makes me uncomfortable. How tall are you? 5'8" What's your natural hair color? Chestnut with a loooooooooot of silver. /old What's your eye color? Hazel. What's your orientation? Pansexual (wit…

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Commission Info

Just a journal to note that I've adjusted my commission prices and put up a guide to those prices. I hope it is helpful. I am OPEN for commissions! Also, I do YCHs a lot and the price for those is cheaper than my regular prices. I always post the sketches on FA. I would like to do some Weasyl exclu…

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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a good 31st! I bought myself a cute plushie anglerfish (a Hanklerfish from DFTBA Records) online and with amazing timing, it arrived in the mail on my birthday! I did have to work at my tailor shop all day, but I made sure to have all the work done bef…

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Derpatars - $5.50

Get your very own derpatar! They are $5.50usd each. :) https://www.weasyl.com/submission/472553/derpatars-1 https://www.weasyl.com/submission/472557/derpatars-2 Comment here with your ref. My PayPal is zeniawulfe[at]gmail.com but only send the payment once I've responded to you and have added you t…

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Bust Commissions

I figured since I posted this on TeenyCom I will here as well. I'd like to do some bust commissions (head down to mid-chest). I want them to stay clean, so your character should be wearing a shirt, or it will be "Disney nude" as in, no nipples (this goes for dudes too). $5.00USD for flat color $7.5…

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Get to Know Me

Stolen from Thaily! What's your real name? I don't like to use it online... so just call me Zenia. How tall are you? 5'7" ... I must have shrunk 'cause I used to be an inch taller. What's your natural hair color? Chestnut brown with LOTS of grey... I mean silver. What's your eye color? Amber. What'…

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Hi New Watchers!

I just wanted to say hi to all my new watchers here on Weasyl! Thanks for liking my stuff enough to give me a watch! :D

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It is Official!

I am now a business owner! The last day under the former owner was today and when I locked the doors 75 minutes ago it all became mine. I mean, I still have to hand over the $20,000 cheque tomorrow, but I do own it now. It being the tailor shop that I've been working at for the past 8 years. It is…

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Woo. Milestone birthday today. I am now 30 years old. :P I don't feel 30 though.

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Yay! Hi everyone! Finally got myself a Weasyl account. ... Now what things to upload and what things to leave out. Hmmmmmmmmm!