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Hey everyone! I'm just an artist who's working on a series about animal-like aliens from another planet. I hope for it to become a successful adult cartoon one day..

The series is titled "The Wonderful World of TBOTC", .TBOTC is a foreign planet far from Earth and Mars (as calculated by humans). The planet is inhabited by strange anthropomorphic alien like creatures (known as Xenopomorphic Creations) that take forms of certain animals in the animal kingdom from Earth but can strangely walk and communicate like humans. I named the series this because I had no other name for it since childhood. Also the series is pronounced tee-bot-see! I hope you enjoy what's coming..

Side note: my characters and artwork are made entirely satirical and is not intended to cause harm or harasment towards anyone or groups specificaly. My humour is based of mostly that of satire, dark, black and light humoured themes.
Another side note: my characters (other than a raccoon or skunk/wolf hybrid) are NOT furries, they are aliens with only forms of animals but not biologically animals. Thank you!
My fursona; JennA the Raccoon! [JennA the Raccoon ref 2018]



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on 25 July 2018 at 05:31:05 MDT

Heya guys!
Lately I've been doing lots of writing for my series I'm creating and have decided to share it with everyone, I put a lot of hard work and thought into my series and characters and will be continuing to build everything up even better. This journal about my TBOTC series will be split into different catagories such as characters, plot, e.t.c. So let's begin!
(some of my characters and plot have changed since throughout this year)
This journal is about a short decription of my characters in this series of mine.

Main Cast:
Bryan. A typical alcholic, foul-mouthed, Aussie blue fennec fox with a troubling past but also a loving father for his family.

Cindy. A mother who was once a homeless, typically acts like a sheila and nags constaintly to her fiancé, Bryan.

Corey. The six year old son of Bryan, diagnosed with autism and fears the public domain.

Neville. Year older twin brother of Bryan who hates interacting with others, leading him into misxenophropism.

Secondary Cast:
Dexter Jean. A light-hearted Christian whose quite handsome at sight but can be a smug prick.

Reese. High alter ego and extremely bitchy, self pro-claimed feminist who can kick ass in boxing and martial arts.

Luke. A poor, uneducated wolf who labels himself from what he finds online. Is also diagnosed with severe anxiety and stutters a lot.

Rick. Older brother of Luke who constaintly always bullies him for his pathic life. Much loves to be a prude with women and commits crimes at times with the ghetto neighborhood.

Side cast:
Grim. A homeless hyena looking beast that roams the streets, stealing money from civilians and feeding on rodents and insects. Everynight it likes to go grave robbing for decaying corpses to forfill its necrophiliac desires. Also a huge fan of metal.

Jeremy. A 14 year old red cat who gets himself into trouble anywhere, also a fucking edgelord.

Toby. A hypocritical raccoon that hates on the emo subculture and metal genre, calling them "pussies and weak" when he secretly likes being emo himself and comes off as one at times.

Randy. A gothic-punk loving American opossum who may look happy, prideful and innocent but has a dark, criminal side to him. 

Other cast:
Johnny Christian. The childhood best friend of Bryan and enjoyed his friendship with him until they broken up. He's now in the state of depression, anger and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

Kath. Mother of Bryan and Neville, married to Barney. Sadly she has past away from old age.

Barney. Husband of Kath and father of Bryan and Neville, still alive and lives home alone.

Garoth(Gary). Grandfather of Bryan and overlord of Hellton Demuna, was also the one who gave Bryan a second chance in life when he went unconsious at 18 years old. He was rather hateful towards religious people.

Grendal. Grandmother of Bryan. Before she had past away, she disliked Gary's rudeness remarks on religious people before he died also. Grendal was always cranky.

Bryan's uncle. An uncle Bryan never knew he had, has never been seen before. Kath had no idea of his whereabouts were before she died.

Louis and Richard. Mum and dad of Luke and Rick, both poor parents from Britain who dress in old vintage clothing to look "rich" around others. They are rather snobby and arguementive to each other. 

Lorna. Girlfriend of Dexter, average black cat with a kinky secret hidden.

Villian cast:
Dr. Misanthropian. An insane human-hating man who created the Xenopomorphic Creations and the planet these creatures live on, TBOTC. He built a space ship to live in far away from Earth.

Ostrich. Unusual name for a hyena, he was one of the Dr's first Xeno-Creations and species to be bought alive. Ostrich is extremely intelligent and values to destroy and re-create TBOTC into a new utopia.

Professer Owen. The father of Ostrich (made in the same way the Dr did with Ostrich) but lives on TBOTC in a lab house. He's intelligent like his father but can be very cocky and denies all religions as "non factual" and "non existint". Owen likes to create new experiments and living organisms to help improve this planet he lives on, rather than to destroy it.

Other species cast:
Melanoiens. Black and white weasel like creatures that roam around in cities, streets, and forests. They are considered deadly pests due to the poison in the three antanee on their heads and can shred an animal bigger than them, melanoiens also have large green crystal eyes that glow to help see in the dark.

Leukoiens. Much like the melanoiens but pure white, they live in extreme cold areas such as snowy mountains. These creatures are quite harmless to say the least but can still attack if felt threatened.

Demons. Creatures that live and come from Hellton Demuna, they come in different shapes and sizes and abilities. Demons are feared creatures that would portientally harm society if chances are given, however demoms like Bryan are completely harmless.

Phantoms. Ever since vampires became extinted in 1700-1800's, they became bat-shaped like living shadows imprisoned beneath the darkest parts of Hellton Demuna. Sometimes they escape and cause terror at night by hiding in  the deepest shadows to haunt their vistims, sadly phantoms cannot drink blood.

Hareclippers. Hare-looking creatures that resemble the Xenopomorphic Creations society, like vampires, they consume blood from others. It's said that young blood helps them stay youngers looking. Suspected to have caused the extintion of vampires due to quick hunting skills and killing vampires out of dominance, their fangs were oddly shaped too. Demons are their worst enemies!

Angels. Unlike Earth angels, they are nightmarish feathered creatures that enslave other creatures and prey on Xeno-Creations. Usually black and whispers as their communication.

TBOTC series and characters © XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

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