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TBOTC Poster Cast


23 March 2019 at 22:11:50 MDT

Update: fixed minor area.

Well, it has been almost over a year since my last poster of my series, TBOTC, as that was meant to be the start of my comic series buuuutt it never happened because I was too focused on developing [some] character designs and backstories. Let's pretend my laziness didn't exists back then. Shhh! XD

Not only have my characters had some redesigning and colouring but I have also added two more existing ocs including a very old one in which I have never used for about 14-15 years ago. I didn't bother redoing the city background I did in the last poster because I couldn't be bothered and too many layers made my experience to draw this very laggy and frustrating. So I just did the typical space background because yah know?.. they're aliens.. from another planet?   

Starting cast from Bryan going anti clockwise: 
~Bryan F. Fennel, drunk yet hard-working father of Corey and fiancé to Cindy.
~Corey, shy son of Bryan and Cindy.
~Cindy, absolute sheila fiancé to Bryan and mother of Corey.
~Luke, young brother of Rick suffering from anxiety and narcissism.
~Rick, older brother of Luke and a lustful prick.
~Grim (Alistair), homeless beast and dangerous necrophiliac criminal.
~Professer Owen, old yet intelligent scientist creating new experiments and organisms. 
~Reese, highly egotistical and very experienced in boxing.
~Dexter Jean, lovable Christian yet sometimes smug towards strangers.
I would've added more casts but I couldn't due to lag and space.

In short; this series sets around humanoid like beings known as Xenopomorphic Creations, they belong on a remote planet below Earth and Mars, TBOTC, created by a deranged man, Dr. Misanthropian. Many species of Xenopomorphics are born and made to live as their hearts desire as they help create more homes and discover new species of aliens that lurk in mysterious places as well as keeping an eye on dangerous predators that may be around them. There is no such thing as an end in this wonderful planet of TBOTC!

Artwork © XenoMadness XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon 

Original poster here TBOTC poster

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    Yay one more poster!^^
    I love each of your character - all they have unique personality<3 They interesting))
    And "Professer Owen"?0.0 What a this is white hyena?)

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      Haha thank you! I’m glad you like them.^^
      Yes, he’s a light brown spotted hyena created by his “father” (he was created in a tube in a spaceship that the Dr. had created Prof. Owen’s creator, who too was a hyena mutation) and had escaped to live on TBOTC to create more life rather than to destroy it.><