21 yo|theist|choleric|necrophile|extravert|gothic-punk|alcoholic|patriot|non-binary|ska-fan|NOT a furry, fuck furries
They\he pronouns

-I'm more prefer comments than favs)
-Don't call my charas furry, anthro and other shit... my charas is CANINES and CARTOONS!
-If you a communist, christianophob, misanthrope, yiff-lover then DON'T add me watch, don't see my arts and don't tell with me!!! Ok?)
-Ask me before as draw for me gift, please^^
-When you add me watch don't unwatch me later!X( Why so many do it??? It's stuped.
-I do not prohibit to use my arts as icons, posters on profile or featuring in journals and etc)) But I hate when someone do remakes...
-And I love to draw humor of everything EVEN about my values) But if my view of humor insult you then I'm sorry-_-

I'm an alternative cartoonist from Chelyabinsk and creator of "Hellhounds". I draw for fun but not always only for it. My art express some protest, so I do not really like when people in my drawings see only the style-_- But hah, for fun for fun)) I use cartoon style but I don't think what cartoons for children only... My arts NOT for childrens. And I think arts does not only for beautiful...
Ska music is my love and my life^^ I love any music with wind instruments, orchestral music and jazz. My favorite musical instrument is trombone<3 And punk-rock is my passion<3 I'm veery love ONLY old music by 70-80s^^
Metal and pop music are suck.
My languages: russian, ukrainian, english.
Colors I love: pink, black.
Color I hate: green.

I draw: anything but very love to draw in cartoon style dogs and sparkle characters of any type))
I don't draw: gore and very bloody arts, furry, porn, commissions, cats, mainstream fan-arts(fnaf, bendy and etc.), fetishes(besides paw), digital arts, overly fantasy arts, sketches, challenges.
/Gigts-it's a secret))
/Requests-open only for friends and not for now but I can take one.
/Art-Trades-open for friends and watchers(with "slywhet" on DA). I want more!))
/ACEO-for friends and watcher can be as request.
Commissions, Kiribans, Tags I DON'T DO!X(
Some rules for Art Trade, Request, Gifts:
1.If you take this trade-pleease DON'T HOLD! It angers me greatly and I can stop trade.
2.You must draw my charas RIGHT(it's mean without inventions for example Lip-lip with pants and Banchu less than Likan).
3.If your chara is very detailed then I will be simplified in my style and also if your chara is very simply I will add some details as in my style^^


Jeka Mrazeva


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    Thanks for faving "True Blue"!

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    Your art is incredible !!

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    Ty for all the faves!!

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    Hey thanks for the fave on my new character Mindrite! So what aspects did you like about him?

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    Thanks for the fav

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    Thanks for all the favs, I appreciate it!

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    Thanks for the favs! It means a lot!

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      I like your main chara)) It's looks so interesting and unique! I all like what looking originally^^