theistic Satanist|self-taught artist|choleric!|ENTP|anarchist|punk|alcoholic|NOT a furry; furry hater|optimist<3
They\it\he pronouns

-Don't call my charas furry, anthro and other shit... my charas is fantasy CANINES!
-If you a communist, christianophob, vatnik, misanthrope, yiff-lover then DON'T add me watch, don't see my arts and don't tell with me!!! Ok?)
-Ask me before as draw for me gift, please^^
-I do not prohibit to use my arts as icons, posters on profile or featuring in journals and etc)) But I hate when someone do remakes...
-Any type of criticism is not welcome there! I know what I'm drawing!
-And I love to draw humor of everything EVEN about my values) But if my view of humor insult you then I'm sorry^^

I'm from awesome city Chelyabinsk, putin hater, follower of motion DIY and creator of "Hellhounds". A very religious person. Don't call me an artist... I'm not an artist:\ ALL my drawings is 100% traditional! And I draw just for fun)
Real arts must made WITH pencils!!!
I'm love cute things, girly things, badass things, dark art, demons, vampires, any of sparkle charas, mary sues, all the supernatural and mystical things.
Rock'n'roll is my love and passion!<3 Ska music is my life! And I veery love punk rock)) My favorite musical instrument is trombone^^ Also I like to listen any of hard rock, stoner rock, melodic power metal, rap and hip-hop.
Heavy metal is shiit(but sometime I listen itXD)
Musical groups that influence on my charas and arts: Dead Kennedys, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, Misfits, Mercenary and Scar Symmetry(a bit).
My languages: ukrainian, russian(ew-_-), english.
Languages I learn: german, polish, spanish.
Color most favorite: Yellow!
Colors I love: pink, white, blue.
Color I hate: deep purple.

I draw: What I want!))
I don't draw: gore, furries, porn, commissions, cats, mainstream fan-arts(fnaf, bendy and etc.), fetishes(besides paw), digital arts, overly fantasy arts, sketches, challenges.
/Gifts-it's a secret))
/Requests-only for friends and for people what I want to draw^^ CLOSED. I have many ideas about my charas what I want to draw but soon I will open:) (for KunYKA on DA)
/Art-Trades-only for friends and watchers. I do it when I want so just ASK ME.
/ACEO-only for friends and watchers can be as request. CLOSED.

Rules for Art-Trades:
1.If you take this trade-pleease DON'T HOLD! It angers me greatly and I can stop trade.
2.You must draw my charas RIGHT(it's mean without inventions for example Lip-lip with pants and Banchu less than Likan)i.e draw my charas such as they are.
3.You MUST submit your part first and in gallery!
Rules for Requests:
1.If you take from me a request then you, perhaps, will have to wait for a long time. Bear in mind.


Jeka Mrazeva


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