Ink 22. Ghost by XenoMadness

Ink 22. Ghost


22 October 2019 at 06:24:03 MDT

Day 22 we are met with a ghost that our hyena, Grim, had met in the past as a young adult(when he was still Alistair) one night out of nowhere in his own bedroom. I don't have a name for the friendly ghost yet but he's said to have had previously lived in that house Grim currently owns before something had happened, now he just lingers around invisible most of the time and only shows himself to Grim if he's seriously depressed and tormented. He tries to be friendly and energetic to assure the lonely beast still feels he's not alone and hated.

Artwork © XenoMadness XenoMadness formerly Xeno-Madness 

Tools: Black sharpie, pen and with some coloured pastels(monotone)

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