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The one and only~

"A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual."

~Vladimir Nabokov

I quite like this quote. I believe it to be rather true. What does society have to say about art, when it is the individual who looks on it and has their own thoughts, memories, feelings, and interpretations to it? It may mean one this to someone, and then everything to another.

Want to commission me? Check here for more information. And do not hesitate to message me with any questions you have!~

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Every once in a while I'll be livestreaming. My livestream place is here.

I can also be found here: Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, SoFurry, Ink Bunny



Latest Journal

And I'm Back With Internet!~

I have internet again!
During the 3-week outage, I was very lazy with drawing. As I usually am.
However, I got to beating my second favorite videogame of all time; Dark Souls.
And I got to playing Legend of Mana (my first favorite videogame) with my partner recently.
so, I've been really happy about that.
Some things got sorted in order, and I am now considered a Temporary Citizen, yay!
I got back from Smash! and realised that I'll never get the chance to play some games because they'll never be localised. So learn Japanese (not likely), or import PS3 game over that don't need in depth story progression, and have fun (more likely). Gundam fighter game was the one I saw, and it had a co-op function. SO AWESOME.
Should get back to my artses- and I have a few things that I need to scan and upload, since I have a few traditional pieces hidden in my house. Look forward to those. Maybe in the next few days, spaced out.
I should start drawing my favorite games, and my DnD Characters. I have a few of them.
Or my custom characters. Though, they all really are variations of Xathoa. >.>;
Anyway, Woo!~

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    Thank you very much for the watch! ♥

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    Thank you very much for follow :D ♥

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      No problem~ I did like the style of your character Ginger, if I remembered her name right. She had very pretty blue hair.~ And I got curious~ So I'd like to see more things too~

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    Hey! You do some awesome poke ladies!

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      Why I thank you very much for the compliment!~

      A small experiment of mine. I'm doing all of the draipendores and then the foxes. I plan on doing both genders and shinies, but currently, I'm doing the female draipendores~ 8D

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    thanks for faving amiga :3

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    Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy the art. :)

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      Oh, no problem!~ I enjoyed the sketch-like look of the pieces and got curious as to what you'll be coming up with.~

      I do think I will enjoy it~