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Slight delay + Status

on 28 February 2013 at 11:43:18 MST

Hallo :O work will expierence a slight delay, I'm having some hardware failures on my desktop so I need to swap out the processor and motherboard, something I've been waiting to do until the absolute last section :P I should be online through my laptop but may not be able to work on things, if all goes well I'll have the system running tonight ( assuming parts get here) and most of my stuff re-installed by the weekend. For those of you curious :> new specs

Core i7 3770K Processor

MSI | Z77A-G45 Motherboard

16GB of ram (going to try and up that later)

240GB SSD primary hard drive

1TB transfer drive/scratch drive

1+3+3TB Dynamic Volume <-Storage drive :D

GeForce 660

I'm also going to give Windows 8 a shot, I have an upgrade license for it and and since I'm switching from a BIOS system to a UEFI system I'll need to do a full reinstall from what I understand, my windows 7 license is also from my old HP and has been chugging alot lately :P If it doesn't work out I'll roll back or virtualize windows 7 for those few incompatible programs.

Commission Status:

Blizzavix ( Recapturing some Geometery for conversion most objects done)

Kahncub (AV done, requires attachment bone animation and script integration for finger movement)

Eliza Perlmann (Geometery capture complete waiting to start conversion)

Anonomous (Waiting geometery capture)

Anonomous (Sculpting, specificly the hands)

Personal or RI Projects Status:

Sergals(Working on finger scripts and secondary resculpt)

Fix current Crux and Renamon scripts to be uploaded to SLM(new scripts are made, still need to do all the different colors)

Deer Avatar (still primary sculpting)

Mesh Renamon(haven't even started :P)

Mesh Pup Toys (Working with Agent to come up with a new design)

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Second Life Avatar

Basic (Toy)
from $ 70.00
to $ 120.00
from $ 120.00
to $ 230.00

For rubber, furred or scaled avatars on Second Life. Avatars can have rigged jaws, ears, and eyelids or use alpha transitions based one what the commissioner wants. They will also include a finger posing if required and the tail can either be rigged to the body and static ( like an inflatable tail) or be seperate and use flexible prims or mesh at request of the commissioner. For toy like avatars they will not have additional rigging to joints in the face, just a static usually happy pose, fingers will be large and puffy or smoothed over into simple shapes. Upon request RLV scripting can be added to toy avatars.


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