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Picarto Notifier!

on 13 July 2017 at 23:54:24 MDT

Hey everyone! Just advertising these awesome picarto notifiers made by banderi banderi!

they let you know when a streamer you follow is streaming, as well as give you a handy dropdown in the top right of your browser that shows all the people you follow who are actively streaming at the time!



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    Why did charmander aka the admin of the site
    Put me on his or her ignore list?

    I won't break the photo manipulation rules again
    I'm only new to this site.😔

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    Hey, I sent in a request to have my username changed because my current username is tied to a bunch of drama that I was dragged into and I worry for my safety, but I got no response back and my username is still the same. What do I do?

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    Is the site getting DDOS'ed? I keep getting 504 errors...

    Gateway time-out
    The web server reported a gateway time-out error.

    Ray ID: 5370247bdc27ed97 (This keeps changing)
    Your IP address: Nope
    Error reference number: 504
    Cloudflare Location: San Jose

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    Thanks for the favs and the follow!

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    Thanks for faving art of my character, Penelope! And my character, Cepha! I'm glad you liked them ^^

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