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Christian, Goth, Furry, Pegasister, Gamer, vegetarian. Characters created by GospelGoth(Me) Please do not use my characters as your own, in roleplays, or anything else without my permission. Thank you!


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Mickey Mouse The Choking Dog

This is based on a urban legend called the The Choking Doberman but I am calling it The Choking Dog since Pluto isn't a doberman. It's one of my favorite urban legends and i recommend checking the urban legend out. I hope you enjoy this story. This is my very first fanfiction and i hope this isn't badly written. Uploaded it to journals because I couldn't get it to work other ways

Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Max are copyrighted and owned by Disney.
Mickey Mouse Turned his red jeep into his driveway, exhausted but glad to be home, he was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with Pluto his faithful dog. Mickey turned off the jeep's engine and stepped out. clutching a bone in his hand for Pluto, he opened his front door. Mickey half expected Pluto to jump upon him. Pluto here boy, comehere boy. Mickey kept calling for Pluto but he didn't get an answer, and that worried Mickey because every time Mickey came home, Pluto would practically knock him down. Mickey was about to go upstairs when he heard a wheezing sound coming from the living room. He walked into the living room and saw Pluto wheezing and gasping for breath and to his great horror he realized Pluto was choking on something. Hang on, boy. Mickey rushed to Pluto and attempted to dislodge the item Pluto was choking on. Mickey groaned it had been minutes since Mickey had found Pluto choking and he still hadn't been able to dislodge the item Pluto was choking on. sighing Mickey carefully picked up Pluto and carried him outside to his jeep. Hang on Pluto everything will be fine as soon as I get you to the vet. Mickey said while stroking Pluto. Mickey parked in the veterinary hospital parking lot, hopped out, and carried Pluto into the office waiting room, Doc Pluto needs help right away, he's choking on something and I can't get the item dislodged. Pluto's veterinarian took one look at him and told Mickey to bring Pluto into the room and lay him on the table. He took one look at Pluto and said. I am going to have to operate on Pluto, and Mickey, and it will be a while. Why don't you go home and I will call you after I operate on Pluto okay? Mickey nodded and left a whimpering Pluto at the veterinary hospital and drove home. Mickey opened the front door to his house and was about to sit down on the couch to watch a horror movie on TV when his cell phone rang. Picking it up he saw it was the vet, and thought the vet was calling him to tell him Pluto's operation had been a success and answered his cell phone. He was about to say something when the vet said. Mickey you need to get out of the house and get to a friend's house right away. Why do I need to get out of the house asked Mickey. Just got to a friend's house right away, I called the police, and they are on their way. hurry up okay? Mickey hung up and ran to Goofy's house. Please let Goofy or Max be home Mickey said as he knocked on Goofy's door. The door squeaked open and Max peeked his head out. Oh Mickey it's you, when I heard someone knocking on the door, I didn't know who it would be at this hour. What's up? Max is Goofy here or are you by yourself? Yes, my dad is here why? I had to take Pluto to the vet because he was choking on something, and the vet just called me and told me to get out of the house and get to a friend's house. He called the police and I don't know what is going on. Max led Mickey to the living room and told him to wait while he went to get his dad. Hey, Dad Mickey is here, he had to take Pluto to the vet, and the vet called the police and told Mickey to get out of his house for some unknown reason. Is it okay if he stays with us? Goofy turned toward Max. Sure Mickey can stay with us as long as he needs to. Goofy and Max walked back to the living room. Hey Mic you can stay as long as you want to. Thanks, Goofy said Mickey. No problem Mick. Mickey could the the police sirens go to his house and decided to call the vet and ask what was going on. The vet picked up and demanded an answer. Mickey heard the vet sigh and then finally answered. There was a burglar in your house and the thing Pluto was choking on was three of his fingers, and that's why Pluto was having so much trouble breathing and everything. Thanks, Doc Mickey said, and then hung up. Did you find anything out Mick asked Goofy. Yeah I did, It seems I had a burglar in my house and Pluto bit off three of his fingers and that's why he was choking. Wow, Mickey Pluto is a hero. Is Pluto going to be alright ask Max. Yeah, he is fine. That's good. Max said. It sure is Max, said Mickey. Okay, everyone time for bed said Goofy. Mickey slipped under the blanket and smiled, glad to know Pluto was fine. When he picked up Pluto from the vets he was going to have to take Pluto out for a special treat. Mickey drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.

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    Characters created by GospelGoth(Me) Do not use my characters as your own, in roleplays, ECT.