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Quick note: anyone who would like to contact me for commissions, please be patient. I am not as active on this site.

~ Digital Dragon Artist ~ Studying Graphic Design ~ New Zealand ~
Hello, you can call me Scorch its what everyone else calls me.
I mainly love anthro scalies really and i love to draw them too!

You can find me other places as well: - active - Alot less active If you would like to suport ;3 - Rarely stream...

~I appreciate you for taking the time to visit my page.


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Commissions February 2020 [Open]

Commissions are open
Please see the priceing guide here:

I am more active on FA and DA i'll try to check here more often but if you want a quicker responce ask me under the same username on one of those sites.

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Character Reference

Reference sheet
from NZ$ 35.00
to NZ$ 103.00

Commercial commissions

Commercial rate per hour
NZ$ 45.00


Cell Shaded Headshot
NZ$ 8.00
Shaded Headshot
NZ$ 10.00


Flat Colour Icon (See my FA page for details)
NZ$ 7.00


Flat coloured Midshot
NZ$ 15.00
Muscle Shading
NZ$ 25.00
Shaded Midshot
NZ$ 20.00
add  Backgrounds
from NZ$ 5.00
to NZ$ 30.00