~ Digital Dragon Artist ~ Studying Graphic Design ~
Hello, you can call me Scorch its what everyone else calls me.
I like dragons, drakes, lizards, crocs, gators; most scalies and furries actually and i love to draw them practicing bit by bit to improve at anatomy.
I also design new characters occasionally which helps me explore drawing creatures i am less comfortable with.
I use to be a quadruped artist but then i decided to move on to anthros because there were more references that i could get to help me improve my art.
I draw my main character, my brown dragon/drake in scenes that i often think of using my imagination or from aspects i see in a dream i might have.
I sometimes like to RP but usually only with friends. I'm more than happy to have a conversation with you on discord as long as its on a server.
Anyone is more than welcome to draw my character or draw him with theirs!
Be sure to share it with me though ~ I'd love to see it.
If you were wanting to draw something nsfw or sugestive... please ask first... - My character (The brown one)

You can find me other places as well: - active - very active - Alot less active If you would like to suport ;3 - Rarely stream... - new to there.

Commissions are currently Semi-open
~Note me if your interested.

~I appreciate you for taking the time to visit my page.


Fur Affinity



Cell Shaded Headshot
NZ$ 8.00
Shaded Headshot
NZ$ 10.00


Flat Colour Icon (See my FA page for details)
NZ$ 7.00


Flat coloured Midshot
NZ$ 15.00
Shaded Midshot
NZ$ 20.00