2020 Price guide for my commissions by TheScorchingDragon

2020 Price guide for my commissions


30 January 2020 at 05:29:44 MST

A guide to my pricing. com's will be opening some time next week if your interested. I need to start earning some money since i'll have no source of income after next week.
To order a commission send me a note telling me the following:

The commission Type
Your character(s) species & reference & how many characters
The expression you want on your characters face, eg: emotion
Which angle of head-shot you prefer from submission /29078215/
Positioning of arms (Its easier to explain if you have a picture REF)
If you want clothing on your character(s) and a reference for that
If you would like a background, if so any details or references
Check my gallery if your unsure I can draw your characters species

The more information you send me, with the first note, the easier it’ll be to get started on processing your commission.

For methods of contact we can either:

Continue using notes
My buisness email

Commission Tos: Things you need to know (Terms of service)

Payment method is via Paypal only and there are no refunds
unless I can’t do your commission for some odd reason.

I will ask for payment to my paypal account, once I’m confident I can do your commission, in some cases i might need to sketch a little first to make sure i can get the right idea if the pose is a little more dynamic than what i normally draw.

I accept collab commissions (price is just reduced)

You will only receive updates once the payment is made, I will not do more than a sketch until payment is made. I will send frequent updates between stages, you may also request to see anytime.

You may post the finished commission anywhere as you give credit to me, a link back to the original is appreciated but not needed.

Commercial usage of the commission is only allowed for you if discussed before hand and approved, in which case you will need to be willing to pay me hourly

Upon upload i will credit you and or others saying that a character belongs to you and or others.

Don’t be afraid to ask me to correct something if its not quite right, I don’t mind, it will just take longer to finish your commission.
However edits after its done will cost extra.

Some of my extended rights:

I have the right to post your commission on any website i choose to add to my gallery/portfolio of artwork submissions unless its a private commission, meaning only you will see it ever.

I have the right to use the commissioned artwork in commercial use for prints on things like books, tote bags, shirts, etc. Unless discussed beforehand.

I have the right to refuse the commission if i think i can not do it to your specifications or if it is something i am uncomfortable drawing. I may also refuse if i do not have enough time to draw it however this is unlikely.

Under current copyright law, I own the copyright in work commission, unless we have an agreement to the contrary (eg: if i’m paid hourly i don’t mind giving up the rights to you)

If i have the rights to the work, this means that you can not commit copyright infringment but still have the rights to do things like post to your accounts with credit etc.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital