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For info. on available homemade horrors, custom orders and conventions we'll be attending, please visit our homepage!

We're Worms n' Bones, a pair of Canadian illustrators who after pouring thousands of dollars into our BA's, promptly went back to our first love of sculpting and began our own line of poseable art dolls. We love doughnuts, horrible things, riding, tea, coffee and sleep... and we don't get much of that anymore.



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Custom Orders Open Tomorrow

Custom Orders Open Tomorrow

Just a last minute reminder that custom orders open tomorrow, Jan 31st.
If you have an overwhelming need for a striped voodoo hyena (please someone order this), a pink grizzly bear, or just want to get your hands on one of our retiring casts (wolves, wooly wyverns & cockatrices) this is your chance. Custom orders allow you to choose your critter from our list of available casts, and the colours we’ll make it in. Check out our beastiary for the current list!

Though we’re in EST ourselves, we understand that makes it tough on some of our overseas customers, so we’re a bit flexible on time zones.
To secure your spot, drop us a line Jan. 31st -

Please include the following form:

Full name:
Paypal Address:
Shipping Address (this must match paypal):
Cast(s): ie. 1 voodoo hyena & 1 goyle
Colour info: This can be a written description, or include reference photos. Don’t forget the little things, like claw & eye colour!
Split or full payment: Split payments only available on orders over $100

Remember we can’t accept orders via tumblr/facebook/etc. messages for record keeping purposes, only via email.

Now the Nitty-Gritty:

Once we have emailed you to confirm your choices, we will send an invoice. Please note that invoices must be paid within 24 hours to secure your spot. We’ve had to crack down on this a bit, as a result of people holding everything up by not paying promptly. Please only email us to claim a spot if you have the ability to pay. Should go without saying, but there it is just in case it doesn’t.

Payments can be split into two parts on orders over $100: half up front, half + shipping upon completion. We cannot ship prior to the final payment being sent, please don’t ask. Payments must be made via paypal in Canadian dollars.

Monsters are shipped air mail via Canada Post, unless otherwise requested. This is the cheapest, fastest & most reliable method but does not include tracking info. We are happy to upgrade your critter to tracked packet air for the additional cost of that service. Note that in your email and we’ll give you that cost should you be interested.

For full details, please check out our TOS.

And as always, please email us if you have any questions!

~W, the uncaffeinated

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    very nice work. Will you ever be open for commissions?

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    Got your cat! Finally started painting her, the WIP is up on my page! Its so awesome thanks for making these!

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    Beautiful work! I really enjoy looking at ur little critters <333

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    Thanks for following my work, I really appreciate it! :)

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    Thank you so much for the follow! :) I really appreciate it!

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    Aaah it's great to see you guys update, I'm super happy I can follow you here!! I admire your work so much.

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    Thanks so much for following me back! :D

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    Someday...SOMEDAY I will be lucky enough to snag one of your little guys.