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Dugan by Eskiworks



A portrait I did for my sister's husband for Christmas! They have a bunch of chickens, all Buffs and Australorps, and one in particular caught my niece's eye when they were still young. My then 2 year old niece (now 3) name her Dugan, and told everyone Dugan was her friend. When asked how she know Dugan was her friend she replied "I looked him in the eye, and I just knew," in a matter of fact sort of 'duh, you guys' way! XD Of course, how obvious! Dugan IS a hen, but has a pretty mighty comb. So I had to use photos of hens and roosters as reference. I'm no chicken expert, but I hope I got it right!

5" X 7"(ish) watercolor and ink on 150lb Hotpress Fabriano

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    Yay chicken! <3!

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    Awww neat! From what I can see you got it pretty darn well, I recognize it as a Black Austorlorp! Our Austrolorps are sort of the dominant ones in the pen, and for whatever reason when they were young they were juuust fine with being picked up and held, but now? 1 second after you pick 'em up and they FLAIL. Chicken herding is fun when you're getting whacked in the face with some large, powerful wings xD

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      Yeah, Dugan was almost CUDDLY when she was young. I house-sat a few times and had to care for them when they were small, and she hopped up on my lap and took scritches and settled in all fluffy and comfy. Now she's like "FUCK RIGHT OFF I'M LEAVING."

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        Really?? I'm wondering if that's something specific to Austrolorps? They seemed to really like being picked up when they were young, not to the point where they'd hop up and want to be scratched and such like that (which sounds ADORABLE btw), but they were a lot more receptive to it than now! Our other girls, specifically the Buff Orpingtons and Americanas are generally pretty calm when you pick them up, especially the little Americana one who's interestingly one of the most egg-productive and most curious/friendly of all of them, despite being the smallest and probably most picked-on!

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    This is gorgeous~~

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    Now you just need a picture of Pink Dugan to go with it :)

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    Chickens are so awesome. I love the story behind her. :'D The textures and iridescence on this.. so good!