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[Alternate] Launch Base Zone - Act 1 by Woofle

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[Alternate] Launch Base Zone - Act 1


Dear SEGA, I hear that legal troubles regarding Sonic 3's original soundtrack might be part of what's holding you back from a re-release of Sonic 3 ( More info here)
I suggest an alternative solution to trying to get the rights to use the songs that are currently providing a roadblock in greenlighting the project.

Signed sincerely,
A lifelong fan

NOTE: I did not adhere to the polyphony limits of the sound chip.

[I think Tweaker will remember this one! He covered it a few years back. I've had it sitting around since, and it seemed appropriate... I included parts of Death Egg Zone from Sonic and Knuckles because it's literally RIGHT THERE! The original Launch Base Zone is one of my favorite songs in any Sonic game... so I tried to do it justice.]

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    Digging the Death Egg Zone melody, especially with how swankily you applied it! I agree that it is beyond fitting for Launch Base to borrow a part of that tune., this is a really swanky song, just lovin' how smooth it is.

    I never actually much cared for the original Launch Base Zone songs (making them pretty much the only S3nK songs I didn't like), because I felt they just seemed too 'chill' considering the Death Egg IS right there and all and you're quite a ways through your journey at that point. This is WAY superior in my opinion, but I find it interesting because I also consider this to be a pretty 'chill' tune. I guess it's just a different kind of 'chill', one that doesn't forget the important of the in-game situation. :3

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      Launch Base was always one of my favorite songs. In recent years, it surpassed Ice Cap Zone on my list of favorites, mostly 'cause I got tired of listening to Ice Cap. xD I liked how weird, distant, and funky it was. For this though, I knew I couldn't nail down that particular feeling, for went for something kiiiiind of similar, but way, way different, too see if it would work. I think it worked out okay. XD I 'm glad you've liked these all so much!

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        I could never actually hate a Genesis Sonic tune (they were all very well composed) but I guess there's always gonna be a 'weak' song for a person in such a large collection. Actually I do love the funk the original Launch Base Zone had, and honestly if it wasn't at such an important part of the game it probably wouldn't bug me at all that it sounds too 'chill'.

        LBS Act 2 May have totally changed my mind if it had been something other that a remix of Act 1 though - Act 2 needed to have a little more energy considering the plot situation. But on that note, I'm very eager to hear how you'll do the Act 2 Alternate. :3

        And you're welcome! Thanks for making them! I've already been playing them for my streams and finding myself singing along to the melodies~ (And if I find myself singing to something, that's how I know something's good!)

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          Demix, not remix. Gosh darn autocorrect, Kindle. XD

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            I fiiiiiiiiiiiinally got aroudn to act 2. It took a while, with commission work and packing and stuff, but it's here! I really hope it stands up to what you like about all the other ones! :D I tried to stick with all the hummable parts from act 1 n' stuff even!

            I think the thing I liked about original LBZ was that there was this sort of 'ethnic' feel to it -- the natural lake, the rocky mountains, trees... Flutes, bongos, even the bass, to an extent. It had a latin sound to it. Then came the technology. The techno, the funk, the harder hitting synths, symbolizing what Robotnik had built all over the formerly beautiful lake. The 'GO' made me think of launching rockets, and construction. The way act 2 was de-mixed made me think of crossing these spindly, dangerous structures that weren't meant to be climbed on across the lake towards the ship. In its own way, it was tense.

            It also worked great for Knuckles. My tunes? Not so much...

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              Oh gosh, sounds like things are quite busy for you!

              Hmm! That is true, the original starts rather ethnic and then busts in technology. I never really noticed that juxtaposition, and I can see why you like it. (It's kind of interesting how LITTLE Robotnik polluted that zone; it actually looked quite nice around there. I guess it's since it was built to fix the Death Egg, not to pollute like Scrap Brain Zone or many other 'bases' he's had over the series.)

              You have a good point, the original tune did match well with Knuckles' other themes. (I actually forget how LBZ plays out differently for Knux than it does for Sonic &'s been a while since I played the game.)

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                It took me a while to warm up to the song myself, honestly. XD But in the end, yeah... it felt pretty good to me. I just had to figure out why it worked and all that.
                I'll probably have to do a different tune for Knuckles or something... Maybe when I get home.

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    i like the use of death egg's theme here and i think it's totally appropriate as well – but i think opening with it is a little confusing

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      Perhaps so. It seemed alright to me, but I will be doing something different for act 2.

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    Oh, love the YouTube videos you put up too! Did you sequence your music into the actual game, or was that just a nice overlap? I'd totally want to play the game with your music in it. :3

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      I actually just disabled the music in the particular version of the game I used, and pushed play on Soudncloud, hence the music not starting at quite the right time.

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        Oh, haha, that works too!

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    This is a pretty awesome alternate take to that level's BGM.

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      Eee! Thanks so much. ;~; :D This was really fun to do...