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[Alternate] Launch Base Zone - Act 2 by Woofle

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[Alternate] Launch Base Zone - Act 2


Dear SEGA, I hear that legal troubles regarding Sonic 3's original soundtrack might be part of what's holding you back from a re-release of Sonic 3 ( More info here)
I suggest an alternative solution to trying to get the rights to use the songs that are currently providing a roadblock in greenlighting the project.

Signed sincerely,
A lifelong fan

NOTE: I did not adhere to the polyphony limits of the sound chip.

[This is it! You're at the Death Egg! It's tantalizingly close, but can you make it in time?!
...It occurs to me that in this hypothetical soundtrack, Knuckles would need completely different music for this level. >_>; ]

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    Intense! I like! Haha, definitely outside the sound chip's limits, but it sounds real good.

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      I think if one took a copy of Sonic and Knuckles and plugged it into one Genesis, then took another copy and plugged it into another genesis, and then flipped one upside down, and plugged it into the other one, then maaaaaaaaaybe..... xD SEGA Genesis & Knuckles

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        Hahah! Well who knows with that potential re-release? I actually don't know much about it, but I'm sure they could break the original Genesis limitations if they wanted to.

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          Yeah, they honestly could do that, since they're not emulating the game, you're right. XD I think it'd be more of a matter of principle to me, and all that.

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            Certainly fair enough; when I work on my resequencing remixes, I half the time break limits and half the time try to stick to them. Depends on the mood. :3

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              Same here, honestly! x3

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    Listening to this some more lately I find myself imagining a really cool stylish shmup final level :3
    The original song might be too well attached to my brain but I do miss the "GO" vocals and wish this had its own vocals for that old nineties feel they kinda sorta bring. (You kept the glass break sound though xD)
    Death Egg parts are nice too and make sense but I feel like its kinda getting in the way but maybe that's just cause I like your original works a lot.
    Overall the song gets stuck in my head and thats always a good thing.
    Heck minus the Death Egg parts I think it surpasses the original and is a lot more lively.
    Would love to hear a full alternate Sonic 3 soundtrack if that would be a thing heh.

    As far as chip limits and android ports go, I'd hope the Sonic 3 Remastered would just implement a custom soundtrack mode.
    Kinda like as if it had a CD audio soundtrack but you know, MP3s or OGG etc heh.
    That way anyone could fix it up the way they like without much effort and would be a nice excuse for the chip limits to be ignored. Virtual CD Audio, so ya xD

    Anyway, lovely track, wish I heard it earlier when it was out but I'm catching up.

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      The 'Go' vocals, unfortunately, are part of the problem SEGA is having with these songs in general, along with the other sound effects, hence me shying away from using it. As far as the Death Egg parts, I like them, and feel like they belong, since the levels are related, but I know they're not for everyone, yeah. x3 Death Egg is my favorite Sonic 3 song, and I couldn't honestly resist throwing it in there a bit. xD

      I'm glad y ou liked this! Honestly, my Launch Base songs... I'm iffy on. They do not feel organic or nature-y enough to me, and that's one thing I really really loved about the original, along with its Latin flare... If I had to completely redo one of these, I think LBZ would be the one.