I'm a writer and I dedicate a lot of time and attention to my characters. My emotional attachment to my characters go beyond the point of being healthy but I really do love them. I only wish I could dedicate more time to my characters but trying to survive in this forsaken land is difficult.

Tropical was the first furry story that I really dedicated a lot of time to. The male/male romance theme of this story is an emotional roller coaster for the main characters of the story, two otters in high school.

Legacy of the Veiled Stars is a trilogy series about a young arctic fox that is a true prodigy. This story has a lot of violence, and intense scenes that make it difficult for the light hearted readers to complete the story.

Blood on Ice, is by far my most cruel story but it has received excellent feedback. During an age of bows and arrows, and swords, an orphan simply tries to survive. This story delves deep into the orphan's emotions as he experiences the cruel world that does what it can to try to kill him.

Since posting my chapters to Weasyl will be a tremendous task: to separate and save each chapter on its own to upload, I will be opting out of uploading my stories here. I'd rather spend that time writing than creating over a hundred different files for each of my chapters. If anyone is interested then my stories can be found conveniently posted on my SoFurry page.

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    You're here too? Cool! ... Uh ... I'll scamper off now.

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      Hello Rayting, I am here as well. Thank you for finding me on this site as well :) I'm just reposting all the artwork from SF to here.