Blade Under Mask: Silent Winter Child (Animation) by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Silent Winter Child (Animation)


10 December 2013 at 12:47:55 MST

"The chill and melancholy cry of the wind calls to me, singing its song of past glory. The cold and dark stretch out endlessly before me, pulling me forward not to my doom, but to my destiny.


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Last night I had a sudden moment of inspiration and just couldn't let it go, so I whipped this little animation up!

At first it was going to be a full painting, but I wanted to practice more the style I want for the Blade Under Mask comic, which focus on lighting and atmosphere and not so much on character detail.

I'm pretty happy with the coloring results! The animation was harder than usual because I'm not used to animating an illustration with lineart... and I tried to go the shorter way, thinking I could pull some elements off without doing what I usually do and well... it wasn't very good. Hahaha, definitely learned my lesson.

Song is Chinese... but I thought it'd fit, besides, Great Land is a fictional world and sure can have one or other elements borrowed from other cultures. xD

Full song is here, if anyone wants to know what it is. I don't claim ownership of it. Wind howl & leaf rustle downloaded from FreeSound.

Thanks to dustt for the little quote. <3

Art, Nae, Blade Under Mask © me

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    These are so pretty! Really well done :)

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      Thank you very much! *bows*

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    That is so very beautiful

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      Thank you very much! *bows*

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    Very lovely work. :D

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    If you should ever open for commissions of this type, I really really want one ^^